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FTX wallets drying out 8-11-22, 16:29

Due to the lack of transparency from other Alameda, FTX and everyone involved, we can come out only with some assumptions.

Assumption #1

This is the wallet (AD2) where FTX profits have been accumulated in Ethereum. It was growing then dropped:

Source: Sanbase

Assumption #2

This is the main Ether and stablecoin withdrawal wallet, and it's drying out:

Source: Sanbase

We might be wrong. Or we might be happy to find out where we are wrong.

Two pictures telling a better story than two hundred words.


Jun 21

FTX Token Whales Dump 21-06-22, 14:52

Whales owning from around $270K to $2.7M worth of FTT have dumped heavily last week:

We have never seen this before for FTT. Quite a significant drop.

Whales have been accumulating all the way up to June 2022.
And it looks like now they are feeling really bad for FTX tokens.


Dec 6

Sep 21

FTT whales balances and onchain activity at ATH 21-09-21, 13:33

Crypto exchange FTX’s subsidiaries in Gibraltar and the Bahamas have received licenses from local regulators - does it sound bullish for FTT token? We're not so sure. But it's onchain data is quite outstanding today.

Have a look.

Onchain activity (active addresses) at all time high:

Network growth is similar, at all time high:

Whales balances at all time high and keep surging:

Perhaps tokens coming to whales from FTX exchange wallet, this is it's balance chart:

All above compared to FTT's pale price action (+3%) this is creating a strong possible bullish divergence. To be taken with a grain of salt of course. Price remains in downtrend. Just nice to keep an eye on FTX next days.

Charts used:



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