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Ethereum network is waking up 2-08-22, 11:43
ETH active addresses 1h

After the weekend, despite the price decline, we're observing an increase in active addresses for Ethereum. Will this result in a recovery? Let's see how it plays out.


Jul 26

Jul 19

ETH holders stumbled 19-07-22, 20:05

Ethereum holders are showing an interesting behaviour.

We are tracking 4 groups on the chart above. And all of them have changed behaviour on the latest bottom on July 13.

Especially the group from 1K to 10K ETH, their holdings are decreasing. Of course we can not say it's a real dumping because of a number of liquidity pools and perhaps exchanges in this group. But for sure their balance is decreasing.

10-100 ETH group is slowly but growing.

Small holders 0-10 ETH don't know what to do, doing nothing, probably scared by the latest bottom and still in concerns.

100-1000 ETH holders initially took some profits but then went up again.

And all of them were triggered by July 13 bottom.


Jun 30

Jun 24

The Wall of Worry 24-06-22, 14:43

There is a special chart layout we're watching daily. It shows the behaviour of different groups of ETH holders, from retail to whales. And it seems that all these groups, all sorts of ETH holders, lost their patience. They don't believe in ETH from current levels. It's called 'A wall of worry'. Those who knows the meaning react accordingly. Betting against the crowd.


Jun 17

Jun 7