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Apr 12

Apr 9

The Halving May Be Near, But Trading Volume Indicates Fear 9-04-24, 20:04

📊 Trading volume in #cryptocurrency peaked on March 6th, and has gradually been declining since. This appears partly due to the ranging pattern that began in mid-March, causing less confidence in traders making the right decision. Once #Bitcoin, #Ethereum, and other top caps begin to establish a consistent direction once again, expect for consistent trades to begin rising once again.

Track and compare how asset volumes are stacking up against one another with this link you can bookmark.

Apr 8

Ethereum's Profit Taking Hits a Year High After Price Predictably Bounces Off of MVRV Opportunity Zone! 8-04-24, 19:36

#Ethereum's market cap has jumped a whopping +9.2% in the past 24 hours, crossing $3,700 for the first time in over 3 weeks. The Santiment Market Value to Realized Value indicated traders were averaging sizable losses from April 2nd to April 7th, indicating that there was an opportunity to buy $ETH with little risk during this window.

Now that the #2 market cap asset has surged ahead of the #crypto pack, coins are being moved #onchain today at the highest ratio of profit vs. loss of the year.

Explore this Ethereum chart template further, and feel free to swap assets to view how some of your other coins are performing with these two key metrics here.


Apr 1

Mar 31

Ethereum Rebounding This Weekend Following the 30-Day Dropping Into Bullish Divergence Range 31-03-24, 07:37

#Ethereum has taken a jump this weekend, rebounding above $3.6K after dropping as much as -25% between March 11th and 19th. The amount of $ETH addresses holding coins is up to an #AllTimeHigh 118.23K, and mid-term MVRV has a very mild #bullish signal.


Mar 22

Ethereum SEC FUD May Allow Prices to Bud 22-03-24, 19:08

#Ethereum's community has been uniting with #Solana's to combat against the #SEC security allegations. Meanwhile, the price of $ETH has retraced -18% since its top on March 11th.

Whale activity has been at the highest level of 2024 as the asset polarizes traders over the news. Keep an eye on the 30-day average returns of $ETH wallets, which indicate a buy is justified. Also, its RSI has dropped to 28.5, the lowest we have seen for the #2 market cap coin since the price bottom in late January.


Mar 21

VIDEO: Wild Market Swings Following Brief FOMC Celebration for Crypto! 21-03-24, 06:46

The #FOMC may have shaken #crypto markets out of their funk for the short-term, but will yesterday's decision to stand pat on #interestrates help #Bitcoin cross back above $70K and take #altcoins with them? Enjoy our deep discussion on our latest video!

Mar 20

VIDEO: How the Crowd's Reaction and Whales' Patience Have Contributed to the Recovery! 20-03-24, 21:14

📺 Just prior to the #FOMC decision, we discussed the rising amount of fear in the markets and whales' holdings not changing despite this past week's dip. Check out our snippet from today's #livestream video with Santiment's friend, TradeDevils!

Enjoy all of the real-time metrics discussed on our video with him and others. Sanbase PRO members get to enjoy seeing what others can't in #crypto for a distinct advantage in trading!

Mar 14

Ethereum Fees are Proving to Be a Much Better Slow "Burn" in This Bull Market 14-03-24, 22:30

Unlike the previous time that #Ethereum crossed above a $4K market value (October & November, 2021), the network is less than 1/6th as cheap per transaction today. With gas fees at a modest $9.35 in gas fees, on average, this can be partly attributed to the improved network fees after the Ethereum 2.0 transition.

Historically, fees staying lower and the network staying less congestion can continue to allow for more use cases and $ETH adoption over time. Track how gas fees vary over time using this chart.