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Apr 18

Ethereum's Network Has Become Significantly Cheaper as Demand Has Shrunk, Suggesting We May Be Getting Close to Bottom 18-04-24, 22:24

💸 #Ethereum's network costs just $2.07 to make a transaction, a far cry from the $15.21 that it cost back on March 4th when demand was excessively high. The market historically moves between sentimental cycles of feeling that crypto is going "To the Moon" or feeling that "Crypto is Dead", which will very often be observed through transaction fees. These fees will tend to peak (and sometimes diverge) around $ETH price tops, and go back to its resting state around price bottoms.

Track how the network fluctuates any time with this link, particularly if you are interested in having #ERC20's make up a portion of your #crypto portfolio.

Traders Aren't Sold on a Quick Recovery, Which May Help Assist in a Quick Recovery! 18-04-24, 14:51

📈 #Crypto markets have seen a boost today, as #Bitcoin has jumped back to $63.8K with just over 36 hours until its #halving event. The crowd has maintained a consistently #bearish sentiment toward top caps, which strengthens the argument for more rising. Remember that markets typically move in the opposite direction of the crowd's expectation!

Apr 16

Bitcoin and Ethereum See an Irregular Amount of FUD, Suggesting a Market Rebound 16-04-24, 22:10

📊 The ratio of #bullish vs. #bearish comments toward #Bitcoin and #Ethereum is predictably quite negative after $BTC fell to as low as $61.5K and $ETH to $2,890 this past weekend. We are already seeing the effects of trader #FUD, with markets bouncing back now and going the opposite direction of the crowd's expectation after they panic sold. Expect for this trend to continue until the #FOMO and hype about the #halving starts to talk over social media conversations like it was 1-2 weeks ago.

Track the positive vs. negative commentary by traders here, and see when the euphoria and fear are signaling that a shift in the markets is about to happen again.

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Ethereum is Seeing the Top Rise in Interest After Hong Kong ETF and Shorts Turn Heads 16-04-24, 05:14

🗣️ As #crypto prices have been on the decline, #Ethereum is seeing the fastest rise in discussion rate. The new #ETF has caused more interest in the #2 market cap asset, even though #shorts are rising rapidly. Also, keep an eye on #Beam's rise in interest.

Santiment's Social Trends page is the place to track the top rising keywords and top rising assets to see what subjects will likely be moving markets next. Explore it now, and let us know what you find!

Apr 15

Are Hong Kong's Approved Spot ETF's Enough to Right Crypto's Ship? 15-04-24, 19:57

Trader optimism is high after #HongKong approved spot #Bitcoin & #Ethereum #ETF's today. Unsurprisingly, though, the initial market impact has been negative, with $BTC dropping -4.5% since the news hit the public. When #FOMO dies down, expect a bounce.

Apr 12

Apr 9

The Halving May Be Near, But Trading Volume Indicates Fear 9-04-24, 20:04

📊 Trading volume in #cryptocurrency peaked on March 6th, and has gradually been declining since. This appears partly due to the ranging pattern that began in mid-March, causing less confidence in traders making the right decision. Once #Bitcoin, #Ethereum, and other top caps begin to establish a consistent direction once again, expect for consistent trades to begin rising once again.

Track and compare how asset volumes are stacking up against one another with this link you can bookmark.

Apr 8

Ethereum's Profit Taking Hits a Year High After Price Predictably Bounces Off of MVRV Opportunity Zone! 8-04-24, 19:36

#Ethereum's market cap has jumped a whopping +9.2% in the past 24 hours, crossing $3,700 for the first time in over 3 weeks. The Santiment Market Value to Realized Value indicated traders were averaging sizable losses from April 2nd to April 7th, indicating that there was an opportunity to buy $ETH with little risk during this window.

Now that the #2 market cap asset has surged ahead of the #crypto pack, coins are being moved #onchain today at the highest ratio of profit vs. loss of the year.

Explore this Ethereum chart template further, and feel free to swap assets to view how some of your other coins are performing with these two key metrics here.


Apr 1