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May 24

Chainlink's Latest Jump Has Created a Historic Profit Taking Spike 24-05-24, 04:38

🔗📈 #Chainlink has climbed well ahead of the #crypto pack, quickly surpassing $17.50 for the first time in 6 weeks. #Onchain today, there are 11 transactions in profit for every 1 $LINK transaction at a loss. This is the highest ratio since Dec. 8, 2022.

May 17

Bullish Sentiment Has Returned Following Bitcoin's Big Moves! 17-05-24, 16:44

🥳 The crowd's sentiment has shifted toward #Bitcoin after the surprise bounce above $66K Wednesday (and now above $67.2K). Additionally, #Chainlink is seeing its most #bullish sentiment in over a year. #FOMO staying low will help these rises continue. Check out our weighted sentiment comparison chart here, and monitor how this #bullish sentiment develops.

Apr 27

Watch Bitcoin's Rise in the Network's Amount of Non-Empty Wallets as Traders Fear Further Altcoin Bleeding! 27-04-24, 08:41

📊 The total amount of non-empty #Bitcoin wallets are rapidly growing despite choppy prices. #Altcoin wallets for assets like #Dogecoin have flattened after enormous rises earlier this year. #Cardano is one of the few networks to see active wallets drop.

Apr 26

Apr 23

Apr 12

Feb 19

Open Interest Surging Among Top Cap Projects in February! 19-02-24, 22:01

📈😮 A major increase in money has been entering into #cryptocurrency, which should be a surprise to no one. Notably, there has been a dramatic increase in the speculation of derivatives in #crypto as market caps have risen significantly the past 4 months.

With #Bitcoin, in particular, crossing over $10B in open interest for the first time since July, 2022, this does signal crowd euphoria is alive and well. Sometimes rising too quickly can be indicative of some caution flags. Among the top assets, the top climbers to watch include:

🪙 $BTC: $9.85B in open interest
🪙 $ETH: $5.59B in open interest
🪙 $SOL: $1.62B in open interest
🪙 $LINK: $549M in open interest

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Feb 5

Flare, Ronin, and Chainlink Have Enjoyed Great Weeks, But Overall Crypto Volume is Evaporating 5-02-24, 01:12

📊 #Crypto market caps have edged up +0.5% over the past week, despite trading volumes dropping off -20.3% compared to the week prior. Highlight assets have included $FLR, $RON, $LINK, $TAO, and $RNDR. #Bitcoin continues seeing less attention as eyes turn to pumping #altcoins.

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Feb 1

Chainlink Rises to $17 With Small Addresses Slowing and Big Dormant Wallets Moving! 1-02-24, 19:03

🔗📈 #Chainlink has jumped ahead of the #altcoin pack after some previously dormant wallets created the highest daily Age Consumed spike of 2024 (5.38B, calculated by multiplying coins moved by the amount of days those coins had been dormant).

This influx of $LINK back into the network's circulation has likely contributed to the price jump. Additionally, the network had seen minor liquidations of wallets, which is often a sign of #FUD that can contribute to further price rises.

With this chart, track how these two metrics continue to fluctuate in the coming weeks to see if there are hints of $LINK having the potential to rebound to $20 and beyond!

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