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Perpetual Contract Funding Rates Revealing Uncertain Future
13-05-21, 08:19

The BitMEX Perpetual Contract Funding Rate is an important way to gauge whether the crowd on one of crypto's top exchanges, is getting overly greedy or fearful.

The metric is defined on our Santiment Academy as a fee paid by one side of the perpetual contract to the other. When the funding rate is positive, Longs pay Shorts. When the funding rate is negative, Shorts pay Longs.

So in essence, as traders, we're looking for high funding rates (greed) to be indicative of a potential upcoming top, and low funding rates to indicate a potential bottom (fear).


0.01% funding rate is low for Bitcoin, and slightly bullish while down at this level.


0.08% funding rate is average for Ethereum.


XRP's funding rate is quite high at 0.15%. Somewhat bearish.


Litecoin's funding rate is mildly above average at 0.09%. Just slightly bearish.


Chainlink is average at 0.08%.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is above average at 0.11%. Slightly bearish.

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Chainlink's On-Chain and Social Fundamentals: A Snapshot of Where We Are
24-03-21, 07:12

March has been a rollercoaster for LINK Marines, as Chainlink's price fluctuated between $26 and $32 after its late February all-time high of ~$36.83. Let's see how some of its key metrics are looking:

Supply Help by Top 10 Exchange and Non-Exchange Addresses

The top 10 non-exchange LINK holders are holding around 2021-high levels, an encouraging sign. In the same respect, the top 10 exchange LINK holders the lowest amount since November, 2017. This lack of tokens available to sell off is also promising.

Weighted Social Sentiment

LINK is not having a major amount of discussion, and this is actually a good thing. Our studies prove that assets are more likely to rise when crowd discussion is dormant.

Daily Active Addresses & Deposits

Address activity has been declining, but at least deposits are also on the decline.

Whale Supply Distribution

The amount of whale holders with at least 10k $LINK continues to decline, a less than promising indication.

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Address Activity Comparison of a Few of Crypto's Top Projects
16-03-21, 00:01

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and Chainlink have all seen their share of expected growth of addresses interacting on their respective networks. But some have been much more active in contrast to others these past six months.

Below is a chart showing which projects are still showing solid activity through this extended bull run, while others are revealing signs of tapering off in regards to this impactful and predictive metric:

Quick thoughts:

Clearly, Ethereum (in blue) has been showing the most long-term growth among these four juggernaut assets, combined with the least amount of fading.

Bitcoin had its peak right at the beginning of 2021, It hasn't shown a serious decline, but the gradual dropoff back to around 1.10M addresses a day is a concern.

Both Chainlink and Binance Coin have had isolated spikes, with LINK particularly throwing up a caution flag, reverting back to about a 2-month low.

Here's a more zoomed in perspective, for reference: