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Feb 21

The Amount of Wallets Holding More Than 0 Bitcoin Has Dropped By 1.4% in a Month 21-02-24, 18:03

📊 There are 729.4K less #Bitcoin wallets holding greater than 0 $BTC, compared to one month ago. After the #SEC approved 11 Spot Bitcoin #ETF's, this amount of non-0 wallets peaked on January 20th at 52.95M. This is attributed to the increased interest in #hodlers having exposure through ETF's instead.

Meanwhile, #Ethereum has an #alltimehigh 114.95M holders, and #Tether has an #alltimehigh 5.22M holders. For any future asset with ETF's, there would be an implied drop in active wallets on their respective network.

Check out our comparison chart of different networks' total amount of holders, and feel free to add your own assets that you're interested in!

Feb 20

Pay Attention to How Dolphin Wallets are Handling Their Stablecoins! 20-02-24, 06:35

Small moves from mid-tier traders often work as excellent signals for spotting market pivots from the crowd. In the past 2 weeks, #stablecoin holders with $10K to $100K:

Added $44.3M in $USDT
Dropped $20.6M in $USDC

Here is the link to explore our chart in more detail!

Feb 12

Bitcoin's Market Value Has Exploded Above $50K as Stablecoin Caps Continue Rising! 12-02-24, 18:11

🥳 #Bitcoin has officially climbed above $50K for the first time since December 27, 2021. #Stablecoin market caps have risen significantly, with $11.4B more added in just 4 months. $5M+ whale wallets have accumulated 2.32% of the top 6 stables in 4 weeks.

Jan 20

Bitcoin, Tether, and USD Coin Still Moving Slowly Out of Shark & Whale Wallets... For Now 20-01-24, 02:05

🐳 As the #crypto weekend begins, shark & whale tiers for #Bitcoin & top #stablecoins remain mildly down:

💰 10-10K #Bitcoin wallets: 66.27% of supply

💰 100K-10M #Tether wallets: 33.98% of supply

💰 100K-10M #USDCoin wallets: 35.49% of supply

Several events can still help trigger another #bullcycle for the #cryptocurrency sector as we saw in October, November, and December. But whale accumulation of these three assets, in particular, would be a key #bullish signal that many traders would welcome as the $BTC halving is now just under 14 weeks away. Stay tuned to see whether key stakeholders now load up.

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Dec 22

Total Amount of Holders Among Top Caps Has Seen an Increased Rate of Growth Since October, and it Hasn't Stopped Yet! 22-12-23, 19:49

📈 #Bitcoin's amount of wallets holding >0 coins is up to 916.75M, which is a +1.8% increase in just a 10 day span. Other top cap assets, including #stablecoins like #Tether and #USDCoin, are also seeing an increased rate of growth as a result of this 2+ month #bullrally.

Though network growth is a great sign long-term, this rapid rate of new wallets is a #FOMO sign to be slightly cautious of. Link to chart!

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Dec 20

Dec 12

Nov 29

Oct 17

Aug 11

What do the "Sharks" eat? 11-08-23, 15:44

This is a follow up to a User Behavior Indicator introduced earlier.

Long story short, we keep an eye on a group of "sharks" in stablecoins, the ones holding $10K-$100K in USDT and USDC:

Did they buy the dip, did they sold the top? What did they swap their stables to?

We did a short research and found out that the recent decline in both stablecoin holdings is connected with the following moves:

44% – Sent to CEX

7% – Swapped to ETH

7% – Deposited into Aave as collateral

4% – Swapped to RLB

3% – Swapped to DAI, deposited into Maker

3% – Swapped to USDC, opened leveraged positions on dYdX

Other transactions were either wallets reshuffling or unclear.