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A Few of the Best Indicators for Cryptocurrency - Quick Summary
22-04-21, 06:14

As we continue to develop new methods to identify future price movement in crypto markets, here are some favorite leading metrics available for all Sanbase PRO members, and new Santiment accounts on their two-week trials:

DAA, Trading Volume, and Social Volume:

This template tracks when an asset is validating a future rise by combining three metrics. Look for all three to rise simultaneously as a clear bullish sign. More here: DAA, Social Volume

BitMEX Perpetual Contract Funding Rate

This template reveals when potential price tops (when funding rates are high) and price bottoms (when funding rates are low). Use others' greed and fear to your advantage. More info.

Bitcoin (and Other Asset) Millionaires

Use this template to see how many coins whales (in this case, Bitcoin millionaires) are holding. More info.

Weighted Social Sentiment

How positive or negative is Twitter about an asset? Trading against the crowd with this template will lead to success over time. More info.


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How Crowd Mood Dictated Bitcoin's and Ethereum's Mid-Week Dip & Rebound
09-04-21, 21:21

Very often, we will see the mainstream crowd play a major role in small to mid-sized price fluctuations. And by major role, we mean wherever the mass majority thinks Bitcoin or Ethereum is heading next, the opposite outcome comes to fruition more often than not.

Let's look at the BitMEX perpectual contract funding rates during the first week of April. This metric helps gauge where leveraged traders are placing their bets.

When bars are high, greed is taking place (a good time to sell). When low, shorts are paying long, indicating fear is kicking in (a good time to buy).

Here's Bitcoin:

The two largest bars of the week were right near local tops, and both led to major price downswings.


The same outcome is true. ETH dropped both times this metric rose higher.

And with social mentions, we recently dropped to "fear" range when we dropped to $56k.

Not surprisingly, we're now back to $58.4k.


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