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Apr 14

VIDEO: The Crowd Panics on Crypto as Israel and Iran Tensions Rise 14-04-24, 09:20

The latest news from the Middle East may have a lot to do with crypto's major market cap drops this weekend. Can we expect a quick recovery after the initial crowd panic? Our latest video touches on the whale behavior and crowd social volume around the tensions between Israel and Iran, and more.

Apr 12

Bitcoin's Wallet Rise Heading into the Halving is an Under the Radar Metric to Watch! 12-04-24, 13:40

#Bitcoin is seeing rapid growth in its number of wallets with active coins in them. A net difference of 370K more non-0 $BTC wallets have popped up on the network in just 6 days, a +0.7% rise. We anticipate this trend will continue through the #halving.

The Halving is Finally Having Some Serious Focus... But How Can We Use it to Our Advantage? 12-04-24, 05:52

⌛️🗣️ As #Bitcoin has now drawn to its final week before the #halving, social dominance toward the topic has peaked at its highest level of the year at 9pm UTC. The spikes in this topic should be received as high confidence price reversals for #crypto markets. Markets have been mostly quite flat, which means this spike won't be a major difference maker.

But if you see $BTC teasing #AllTimeHigh levels in the next few days, you should interpret high mentions of the halving as a #FOMO sign, and likely temporary top. Alternatively, if prices start dropping back toward $67K and you see a spike in halving discussion, this is a sign of #FUD, giving you the opportunity to #buy with confidence.

Track how the mentions continue to increase leading up to April 19th with this updating chart!


Apr 11

VIDEO: What Impact is Bitcoin's HALVING Having? 11-04-24, 06:38

With just over 8 days to go until Bitcoin's highly anticipated halving, we have just dropped a video explaining what metrics you should be focusing on. Learn about how the crowd is going to shape the big moment, and how whales are salivating for any potential last minute panic!


Apr 10

Consumer Price Index Reveals High Inflation, But Crypto Stubbornly Continues to Climb! 10-04-24, 17:35

The US #ConsumerPriceIndex report has come out, revealing that there was a 3.5% #inflation rise in March. This higher than expected result has dropped #equities markets, but #crypto markets have recovered quite fine after #Bitcoin initially dropped to $67.5K right before the #CPI results were announced.

The crowd appears very aware of how this report can have an impact on prices, and there is a massive spike in discussions related to it. Traders appear set on staying strong right now, with #buythedip calls going up considerably as the sector fell. Meanwhile, #sell calls have barely moved.

Explore the link to see how the discussion frequencies of these topics fluctuate while the markets are extra sensitive over these next 24 hours.


Apr 9

Markets Drop Tuesday, Creating Polarized Opinions That Will Be Very Important for a Quick Recovery 9-04-24, 16:06

#Bitcoin fell below $69K an hour ago, and there was predictably a wave of initial panic from traders. However, it has been followed by mentions of #dipbuy opportunities and reminders of the #halving in 10 days. Ideally, panic stays high to justify a rebound.

Markets typically move the opposite direction of the crowd's expectation. Let's see whether #FUD takes over if markets begin to slip a bit further. Or alternatively, there could be unfounded confidence that causes a bigger drop than traders expect.


Apr 8

Apr 7

Bitcoin ETF's Still Looking Full of Life With Less Than 2 Weeks Until the Halving! 7-04-24, 21:40

📊 #Bitcoin #ETF volume hasn't slowed down four weeks after the $BTC #AllTimeHigh. Among $GBTC, $IBIT, $FBTC, $ARKB, $BTCO, $BITB, and $HODL, trader activity is still notably higher than the turning point that began in late February after an influx of individual trading began (and hasn't stopped since).

It is a likely foregone conclusion that high activity should continue leading up to the April 19th #halving, but it will be interesting to see whether a drop-off in #ETF volume and on-chain volume will occur directly afterwards.

Track the volumes and flows for the top #BitcoinETF's here to see when the trend shifts!

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Apr 5

Whales are Continuing to Accumulate Any Leftover BTC Left Behind From Small Traders! 5-04-24, 21:49

🐳↗️ #Bitcoin's key stakeholders with 100-100K $BTC have ACCUMULATED a collective 319,310 $BTC (around 1.4% of the supply) in the past 3 months. Many of these coins came from 0-100 $BTC wallets, which have DUMPED 105,260 $BTC (-0.7% of supply) in 3 months. Check out the chart here!

This pattern is a #bullish sign for Bitcoin and all of #crypto, considering the wallets with the most pull to move markets are appearing quite confident in Bitcoin's future value, as we head into the final 2 weeks before the April 19th #halving.

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