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Feb 19

Open Interest Surging Among Top Cap Projects in February! 19-02-24, 22:01

📈😮 A major increase in money has been entering into #cryptocurrency, which should be a surprise to no one. Notably, there has been a dramatic increase in the speculation of derivatives in #crypto as market caps have risen significantly the past 4 months.

With #Bitcoin, in particular, crossing over $10B in open interest for the first time since July, 2022, this does signal crowd euphoria is alive and well. Sometimes rising too quickly can be indicative of some caution flags. Among the top assets, the top climbers to watch include:

🪙 $BTC: $9.85B in open interest
🪙 $ETH: $5.59B in open interest
🪙 $SOL: $1.62B in open interest
🪙 $LINK: $549M in open interest

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Feb 8

Solana's Price Rise Has Raised Eyebrows Following the FUD-Causing Network Outage! 8-02-24, 02:51

📈 #Solana is one of the few #altcoins outperforming #Bitcoin this week, surging back above $102. In the past 36 hours, $SOL / $BTC is +4.5%. The outage that concerned traders Monday ended up being a local bottom, with the #FUD fueling this price rebound.


Feb 7

Crypto Trading Volume is Slumping While Traders Hibernate Until Markets are Clearer 7-02-24, 20:31

📊 The past 7 days of #crypto trading volume has totaled $288B, according to our 2,842 tracked assets. This is a -22% drop compared to last week. Traders are showing decision paralysis, and #FOMO or #FUD should return once we see the next big market swing.

Monero's Delisting From Binance is a Hot Topic, Alongside Solana's Latest Outage! 7-02-24, 01:25

🗣️ Top trending #crypto topics impacting markets currently include:

📌#Binance announcing that it will be delisting #42 market cap ranked #Monero
📌 #Solana's latest outage and associated #FUD
📌#ZeekCoin $MEOW promoting #Airdrop

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Feb 5

The Crowd Has Become Negative Toward Top Caps! Could This Be the Turning Point Bulls Needed? 5-02-24, 22:46

🐻 With #crypto market caps ranging and lacking the usual growth traders have been accustomed to since the #bullcycle began in October, there is a notable #bearish sentiment that has taken hold of #crypto discourse this week.

#Bitcoin, #Ethereum, #BinanceCoin, #XRPLedger, #Cardano, and #Solana are all uniformly in a more negative crowd sentiment range than their historic averages. This is the first time in over 6 months that this has occurred.

When traders become concerned and show #FUD across multiple large assets, it is a signal that market caps have a higher likelihood of seeing an impending bounce. Markets historically move in the direction of the crowd's least expected direction, making a rise catch many #short traders off guard.

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Jan 30

Bittensor, Solana, and Helium Enjoying Great Rebounds as Vast Majority of Altcoins Have Bounced Nicely! 30-01-24, 23:35

📈 #Bittensor (70%), #Helium (37%), and #Solana (25%), have been the top notable performers in a great 7-day rebound stretch for #crypto markets. #Bitcoin continues to see decreased social volume, however, as traders are showing a rising interest in speculative #altcoins instead.

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Jan 9

Video: Using Santiment's Amazing Alert Tools to Be the First to Know of a Great Profit Opportunity! 9-01-24, 06:47

📺 Automatic #Telegram & email alerts from Santiment are used by many to be informed of great buy or sell opportunities, according to top indicators. Our latest video walkthrough discusses how to use them effectively, and optimize your profit spots!

Dec 20

ETF Optimism Grows on Blackrock Revised Cash Redemption Proposal for SEC. Will Price Pump History Continue? 20-12-23, 08:07

ğŸ¤ž Following yesterday's news of #Blackrock's revised #ETF proposal for the #SEC's approval, which now includes the addition of cash redemption, trader optimism has jumped. In previous instances of anticipation of ETF approval, prices have jumped.

Thus far, this small rally has been no different. #Bitcoin is +3% since the news hit mainstream discussions. #Altcoins like #Solana, #Chainlink, and even #BinanceCoin are enjoying mini surges as well.

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Dec 18