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Jun 10

Jupiter, Pyth, and Neon All Ascend Up the Solana Development Activity Leaderboard 10-06-24, 22:12

🧑‍💻 Here are crypto's top projects that are part of the Solana ecosystem, sorted by average daily notable development activity over the past 30 days:

📈 1 Jupiter $JUP
📉 2 Wormhole $W
📈 3 Pythnetwork $PYTH
📈 4 Neon $NEON
📉 5 Solana $SOL
📉 6 Helium $IOT
📉 7 Helium Mobile $MOBILE
📈 8 Drift $DRIFT
📉 9 Metaplex $MPLX
📉 10 Marinade $MNDE

Check out this sector's watchlist here, and keep tabs on it as the 'cream rises to the top' among Solana-based projects over time.

Here is the latest write-up on Santiment's methodology for pulling important #github activity data from project repositories.

Jun 4

May 22

Should You Be Eyeing Bitcoin and Solana More Than Ethereum Right Now? 22-05-24, 01:15

📊 #Ethereum is seeing the most #bullish crowd sentiment since September with the #SEC likely to approve the first #ETF's, and $ETH's price surge. Meanwhile, #Bitcoin & #Solana sentiment is slightly #bearish. The assets being slept on may be worth a look.

May 11

May 9

The Crowd's Negative Sentiment May Be the Positive You're Waiting For! 9-05-24, 16:09

😒 The sentiment toward #crypto's top cap assets is still rather negative. This has been the case since the April 19th $BTC #halving didn't immediately result in rising market caps throughout #cryptocurrency. With uncertainty high, small wallets dropping out of the sector may be the ingredient needed for #Bitcoin and many #altcoins to enjoy steady recoveries leading up to the summer.

Enjoy our link to track the weekly sentiment of $BTC, $ETH, $BNB, $XRP, $ADA, $SOL, and $DOGE.

Get yourself a free week trial to Sanbase PRO to see what others in #crypto can't here!

May 8

VIDEO: How to Effectively Use the Data Screener and Social Trends Dashboard on Santiment! 8-05-24, 22:44

📺 We have just dropped the first part in a series of walkthroughs on Sanbase! Along with one of Santiment's newer users and great content creators, Denome, join us as we talk about using the data screener and social dashboard to trade smarter!

May 7

Keep Your Eye on RSI! 7-05-24, 16:21

According to the Relative Strength Index, the majority of top market cap #cryptocurrencies are in slight buy zones. This popular momentum oscillator, which is commonly used in technical analysis, suggests #Cardano as a potential buy low candidate.

May 2

Diving in On Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana After Jerome Powell Leaves Interest Rates Alone! 2-05-24, 04:16

Our latest #crypto market video, with our friends at NuggetsNews, discusses the volatility resulting from yesterday's #FOMC decision. We also look at whale activity and how the crowd will impact the prices of #Bitcoin, #Ethereum, and #Solana.

Apr 30

Apr 18

Traders Aren't Sold on a Quick Recovery, Which May Help Assist in a Quick Recovery! 18-04-24, 14:51

📈 #Crypto markets have seen a boost today, as #Bitcoin has jumped back to $63.8K with just over 36 hours until its #halving event. The crowd has maintained a consistently #bearish sentiment toward top caps, which strengthens the argument for more rising. Remember that markets typically move in the opposite direction of the crowd's expectation!