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Aug 14

The Screener. How to set filters
14-08-20, 17:27

A quick snippet showing how to set filters to screen tokens on Sanbase

Ethereum transaction count is nearing ATH
14-08-20, 09:49
Ethereum transaction count

Ethereum daily transaction count is nearing all time high. Daily transaction count all time high is 1.34M and was set on 2018-01-04 when the price of Ether was 1042$. At a time of writing this insight, today's Ethereum transaction count is 1.19M.

Also, Ethereum transaction fees broke all time high two days in a row, with fees 17.8k ETH (2020-08-12) and 20.3k ETH (2020-08-13).

Check out the transaction count Sandata chart.

Aug 13

YAM is rekt. Visualizing wins and losses
13-08-20, 11:22
Source: Santiment

This is a chart showing Network Profit/Loss for YAM (yellow line) against YAM price (green).

This metric computes the average P/L of the coins that move on-chain. For each coin that move on-chain we take the price at which it was moved and assume this is its acquisition price and assume it was sold at the moment it moves.

Did you manage to exit early?

Ethereum fees reached ATH
13-08-20, 10:58
Source: Santiment

Ethereum transaction fees reached all time high value in both USD and ETH.

Curious about gas used trend on Ethereum network? Check this Sanbase chart

Aug 12

A1A: Ask anything
12-08-20, 08:48

Hi everyone,

We’ll soon be chatting with about their latest announcements and service offerings but we wanted to make sure we get all your questions answered as well.

Do you have a question for

Comment below quickly with anything you want to know about – you may even be rewarded for your contribution!


Aug 6

How to find related insights directly from a chart
06-08-20, 08:22
Project page: hit "Insights" tab on the left or "Related Insights" above the chart

Jul 29

COMP looking good
29-07-20, 14:54
A healthy DAA and NG divergence

Nice divergence with price is seen in:

  1. 1. DAA
  2. 2. Network growth
  3. 3. Transaction volume
  4. 4. Social volume

Jul 22

Jul 21

Jul 14

Kyber exchange inflow may not affect selling pressure
14-07-20, 15:37

Binance has introduced staking for Kyber. If we see exchange inflow spikes for KNC, it isn't necessary a bad thing, creating strong sell pressure. Binance staking seems hassle free and does not lock up KNC like the KyberDAO, very convenient for users that want to be able to react to market conditions.

This in the long run though, isn't good for Kyber itself, defeating the purpose of staking.