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Dec 1

Traders Happy as Altcoins Grow, Even as Bitcoin Moves Slow 1-12-23, 02:38

πŸ“ˆ #Altcoins like #Polkadot, #Avalanche, and #LidoDao have enjoyed nice market cap growth as #Bitcoin continues teasing a possible $40K market value before 2024. Note $BTC's declining social volume & rise in interest in others, which typically hints at a slight crowd greed bias.

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Nov 30

Non-Exchange Whale Wallets Continue to Hoard an Increasing Amount of Ethereum 30-11-23, 22:05

🐳 The largest #Ethereum wallets continue forming an encouraging pattern, with exchange wallets now reduced to 6-month lows (8.03M $ETH) and non-exchange wallets soaring to an #alltimehigh (41.03M $ETH). More and more coins continue moving to self custody.


Nov 29

TrueUSD Has Seen its Top 100 Largest Wallets Dump $181M in Just One Week 29-11-23, 22:26

πŸ“‰ The top 100 #TrueUSD wallets have dropped a collective 27.8% of their holdings in the past week, which is a dump of $181M. $TUSD has moved up to the 4th largest #stablecoin in October, after #BinanceUSD saw its market cap decrease significantly.

What Assets are Developing Most Quickly in the NFT Space? 29-11-23, 18:24

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» With markets rising over the past couple of months, there has been a bit of renewed crowd interest revolving around NFT's. Below are the top 10 NFT-related projects, according to our algorithm that calculates notable development activity:

1 Flow $FLOW
2 Decentraland $MANA
3 Enjin $ENJ
4 Axie Infinity $AXS
5 The Sandbox $SAND
6 Yield Protocol $DYP
7 Monaverse $MONA
8 Bounce Finance $AUCTION
9 Aavegotchi $GHST
10 Alien Worlds $TLM

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Chainlink Sees Major Spike in Age Consumed, a Key Indicator For Increased Upcoming Price Movement 29-11-23, 06:22

πŸ”—πŸ“Š #Chainlink has quietly had a massive amount of older coins moving wallets today. Big older coin movement typically is followed by big price movements, which is what occurred September 15th, resulting in a +31 $LINK price climb the following 2 weeks.

Nov 28

Top Developed Coins Have Shuffled Their Rankings - Polkadot & Kusama Surpass Cardano Once Again 28-11-23, 19:57

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Here are #crypto's top coins by development activity: notable #github commits, past 30 days:

T1 @Polkadot $DOT

T1 @kusamanetwork $KSM

3 @Cardano $ADA

4 @hedera $HBAR

5 @ethstatus $SNT

6 @chainlink $LINK

7 @cosmos $ATOM

8 @dfinity $ICP

9 @ethereum $ETH

10 @AptosLabs $APT

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Cryptocurrency and Equity Sectors are Correlating Tightly Once Again 28-11-23, 02:51

πŸ“Š #Bitcoin (+6.9%), #Ethereum (+12.2%) #SP500 (+8.5%), and #gold (+1.5%) have had encouraging November performances. Particularly with the stock market, it has rapidly caught up to #crypto over these past couple weeks. If $BTC makes a run from here without stocks following suit, this would be a strong sign that the correlation between sectors is breaking once again, which is typically a recipe for a #cryptocurrency #bullmarket.

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Nov 27

Terra Classic and TerraUSD Receiving Second Chance and Renewed Interest? 27-11-23, 23:46

πŸ“ˆ #TerraUSD & #TerraClassic are trending among traders after major price surges. $USTC in particular, originally designated to be a $1-pegged #stablecoin, has reached as high as $0.0758. After their 2021 disgraced collapses, and holders left with bags valued at fractions of a penny on the dollar, #FOMO is showing some hints of returning here at the end of 2023.

Pay Attention to Total Address Growth, andΒ  Counter-Trade the Trend of New Money Coming In or Going Out 27-11-23, 18:36

πŸ’Έ #Bitcoin traders are profit taking, as growth in existing wallets with more than 0 $BTC has slowed. Meanwhile, #Dogecoin wallets are surging and #Cardano wallets are dropping in number. Drops are a sign of capitulation, often foreshadowing price jumps.

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