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Aug 2

Ethereum network is waking up 2-08-22, 11:43
ETH active addresses 1h

After the weekend, despite the price decline, we're observing an increase in active addresses for Ethereum. Will this result in a recovery? Let's see how it plays out.


Jul 27

Who's buying the Radicle pump? 27-07-22, 15:45

Radicle been pumping like crazy just recently, +80% in a day.

And according to holders distribution data, it could have been a classic whale's fun to pump and dump on retail.

See for yourself:

Who bought this pump? Retail did, small holders from 10 coins.

Who sold? Whales did, holders from 100K RAD.



Jul 19

ETH holders stumbled 19-07-22, 20:05

Ethereum holders are showing an interesting behaviour.

We are tracking 4 groups on the chart above. And all of them have changed behaviour on the latest bottom on July 13.

Especially the group from 1K to 10K ETH, their holdings are decreasing. Of course we can not say it's a real dumping because of a number of liquidity pools and perhaps exchanges in this group. But for sure their balance is decreasing.

10-100 ETH group is slowly but growing.

Small holders 0-10 ETH don't know what to do, doing nothing, probably scared by the latest bottom and still in concerns.

100-1000 ETH holders initially took some profits but then went up again.

And all of them were triggered by July 13 bottom.


Jul 14

Celsius, bankruptcy and whales 14-07-22, 17:45

Celsius, the crypto lender that last month halted withdrawals, has filed for bankruptcy. User withdrawals will remain halted.

What can we see on charts?

  1. The price has dumped around 11%, which is expected:

2. Network Profit Loss showing almost only loss last months:

3. Now the interesting part. Whales balance:

Big token holders are not panicking, they are pulling down slowly.

Their reaction to filing to bankruptcy is quite calm compared to earlier moves. Either all who wanted has already left, either... there's not enough liquidity?

Let's see.



Oh yes, this is the case. Whales simply can not offload Celsius without loss.

Losses here and there.

This is the way.


Jun 27

Hottest Topics of the Day Dominated by The Sandbox 27-06-22, 14:21
Source: Social Trends

The above set of topics are indicating a sort of a market indecisiveness.
No one knows where are we heading next.

Jun 24

The Wall of Worry 24-06-22, 14:43

There is a special chart layout we're watching daily. It shows the behaviour of different groups of ETH holders, from retail to whales. And it seems that all these groups, all sorts of ETH holders, lost their patience. They don't believe in ETH from current levels. It's called 'A wall of worry'. Those who knows the meaning react accordingly. Betting against the crowd.


Jun 22

Jun 21

FTX Token Whales Dump 21-06-22, 14:52

Whales owning from around $270K to $2.7M worth of FTT have dumped heavily last week:

We have never seen this before for FTT. Quite a significant drop.

Whales have been accumulating all the way up to June 2022.
And it looks like now they are feeling really bad for FTX tokens.


Jun 20

CEL token holders behaviour 20-06-22, 20:45

Celsius has pumped almost 40% on Monday.

It has been considered to be dead but bounced nicely.

We'd like to share an overview of CEL token holders behaviour.

Three groups:

First one (100 to 10K CEL) is the crowd leading the pump.

10k to 100k behaving more or less the same.

100k to 1m been buying early, this is the expected behaviour for whales.

All groups bought a lot directly into the dump, then selling more or less on the way up, then buying again.

Interesting that it's a kind of unusual behaviour for small token holders.

Usually they are the ones not touching token when scared.

May be not scared yet?


Jun 17

Record high Bitcoins at a loss 17-06-22, 21:02

This week Bitcoin network has shown the biggest realized loss according to Network Realized Profit Loss metric.

What is it? NPL metric computes the average profit or loss of all coins that change addresses daily. For each coin that moves onchain, NPL takes the price at which it was last moved and assumes this to be its acquisition price. Once it changes addresses again, NPL assumes the coin was sold.

In fact, the loss we see above is a large value aggregated from a few subsequent days of loss in Bitcoin network. We can see it on a zoomed in chart:

Bitcoins moving on the network were generally moving at a loss. This contributed to what we see on a bigger time line chart.