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Apr 14

VIDEO: The Crowd Panics on Crypto as Israel and Iran Tensions Rise 14-04-24, 09:20

The latest news from the Middle East may have a lot to do with crypto's major market cap drops this weekend. Can we expect a quick recovery after the initial crowd panic? Our latest video touches on the whale behavior and crowd social volume around the tensions between Israel and Iran, and more.

Apr 12

Drops Across Multiple Sectors Suggest Big Holders are Spooked By the Recent US Inflation Reports 12-04-24, 21:44

📉 #Bitcoin's first drop below $67K since April 4th has been accompanied by over $850M in #liquidations the past day. #SP500 & #gold prices have also retraced alongside #crypto, suggesting #CPI and #inflation concerns are being revealed across sectors.

Watch this chart closely to see if crypto can begin to become less reliant on equities or gold. Carving its own path without real world economic concerns generally lead to the most confident and roaring bull markets!

Bitcoin's Wallet Rise Heading into the Halving is an Under the Radar Metric to Watch! 12-04-24, 13:40

#Bitcoin is seeing rapid growth in its number of wallets with active coins in them. A net difference of 370K more non-0 $BTC wallets have popped up on the network in just 6 days, a +0.7% rise. We anticipate this trend will continue through the #halving.

The Halving is Finally Having Some Serious Focus... But How Can We Use it to Our Advantage? 12-04-24, 05:52

⌛️🗣️ As #Bitcoin has now drawn to its final week before the #halving, social dominance toward the topic has peaked at its highest level of the year at 9pm UTC. The spikes in this topic should be received as high confidence price reversals for #crypto markets. Markets have been mostly quite flat, which means this spike won't be a major difference maker.

But if you see $BTC teasing #AllTimeHigh levels in the next few days, you should interpret high mentions of the halving as a #FOMO sign, and likely temporary top. Alternatively, if prices start dropping back toward $67K and you see a spike in halving discussion, this is a sign of #FUD, giving you the opportunity to #buy with confidence.

Track how the mentions continue to increase leading up to April 19th with this updating chart!


Apr 11

Bittensor and Ultra are Gathering Significant Trader Attention for Different Reasons! 11-04-24, 21:24

🗣️ #Bittensor is seeing the highest increase in discussion rate today, following its #Binance listing. $TAO is +179% in 3 months. #Ultra is right behind it, due to $UOS #airdrop discussions heating up.

Track the top trending tokens any time here on Santiment's Social Trends dashboard!

Uniswap's Crowd FUD Could Soon Be Your Best Bud! 11-04-24, 19:41

🦄📉 #Uniswap has seen a significant amount of #FUD from traders after the #SEC publicly revealed their warning to #UniswapLabs of their pursuit of potential enforcement action. The discussion rate toward $UNI immediately saw its highest level in 15 months, and circulation spiked.

History has proven that there can be a bounce back effect when there is an overly fearful narrative toward a declining asset, as many witnessed with $XRP's own saga with the #SEC the past couple years. The asset's market cap has slid -38% in the past month.

Check out the social dominance and circulation chart for Uniswap here to consider whether the crowd's doubts may be creating an opportunity.

VIDEO: What Impact is Bitcoin's HALVING Having? 11-04-24, 06:38

With just over 8 days to go until Bitcoin's highly anticipated halving, we have just dropped a video explaining what metrics you should be focusing on. Learn about how the crowd is going to shape the big moment, and how whales are salivating for any potential last minute panic!


Apr 10

Consumer Price Index Reveals High Inflation, But Crypto Stubbornly Continues to Climb! 10-04-24, 17:35

The US #ConsumerPriceIndex report has come out, revealing that there was a 3.5% #inflation rise in March. This higher than expected result has dropped #equities markets, but #crypto markets have recovered quite fine after #Bitcoin initially dropped to $67.5K right before the #CPI results were announced.

The crowd appears very aware of how this report can have an impact on prices, and there is a massive spike in discussions related to it. Traders appear set on staying strong right now, with #buythedip calls going up considerably as the sector fell. Meanwhile, #sell calls have barely moved.

Explore the link to see how the discussion frequencies of these topics fluctuate while the markets are extra sensitive over these next 24 hours.

NFT Project Development Activity Dominated By Decentraland and Flow 10-04-24, 01:50

Here are #crypto's top #NFT-related coins by notable development activity in the past 30 days:

1 Decentraland $MANA
2 Flow $FLOW
3 Metaplex $MPLX
4 Axie Infinity $AXS
5 The Sandbox $SAND
6 Enjin $ENJ
7 Aavegotchi $GHST
8 Defi Yield $DYP
9 Phantasma $SOUL
10 Wax $WAXP

Check out our #NFT watchlist while crowd interest is showing signs of heating up here.

Read about the Santiment methodology for pulling #github activity data from project repositories, and why it is so useful for #crypto trading:

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Apr 9

Follow the Saga of $SAGA, the Top Trending Token in Crypto Following its Binance Listing 9-04-24, 22:11

🗣️ Have you caught wind of the $SAGA hype yet? The token has recently been listed on #Binance, #BitMart, and other platforms. Traders are making both #bullish and #bearish cases, as they appear torn at the moment.

🐂 Bullish Case: The "pump effect" is always a possibility in play when being listed on #Binance Additionally, #Saga network's integration with the #Cosmos wallet, #Keplr, indicates growing adoption and usability within the crypto community.

🐻 Bearish Case: There are reported fake tokens circulating on #BNBChain, which have experienced a drops in value after whales are dumping large amounts of $SAGA for $BNB. Additionally, the presence of fake tokens sharing the same name as the legitimate Saga token raises red flags about the project's credibility and trustworthiness.

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