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Mar 6

Silvergate triggering the market drop 6-03-23, 12:50

The recent market response is related to the Silvergate drama.

We can see it on a Social Volume chart:

Source: Sanbase

In case the market decides to push down on a similar news, we might want to look out for divergencies to spot the final bottom.


Feb 22

Watching retail in ANKR as an indicator 22-02-23, 17:12

On top of exciting news, the following has to be observed.

Small holders balance change, this could be a worrying sign if they start skyrocketing.

Source: Sanbase

Not there yet (red line). They were surprisingly smart to buy the bottom by the way.

Why? Because the crowd likes to get in massively in the final stage of the pump.

The global interest is understandable, but if we start seeing divergences in price pushing up and new inflow (the network growth and daily active addresses) going down, you know what it might mean.


Feb 14

BUSD flowing into other stablecoins 14-02-23, 17:13

Remember yesterday's BUSD exodus, following regulators crackdown on Paxos?
Here is the onchain perspective. Namely, a stablecoin holders behavior.

These are heavy BUSD dumps from holders on BNB Chain (blue) and on Ethereum (pale blue). Where did it go? May be into USDT and USDC? Probably yes:

USDT (yellow) and USDC (red) 'dolphins' increasing their positions.

All together on a single chart:


Feb 12

Some of the most popular assets during this bear market. 12-02-23, 07:25
BTC & ETH's long-term MVRV ratio

BTC & ETH's long-term MVRV ratio
( chart layout => )
& some of the most *popular assets during this bear market.

*total sum of the newly created addresses since 2021 BTC Nov. high ~ till this day

rank 1~5

- not financial advice -

Feb 10

BUY THE DIP 10-02-23, 18:55

I won't be going into too much detail here, but I urge you to study both charts and try to understand the actions of the whales.

I've noticed significant moves by the whales and I'm eager to see what it could mean for the market.

For more information like this, feel free to like and leave a comment. I'll be sure to continue sharing my insights and analysis.

Whales jumped in
Whales interest!

Wishing you all the best in your trading endeavors!

AI Tokens Take a Dip: When Less Demand Leads to Less Sizzle in Prices 10-02-23, 09:23

CoinMarketCap's data shows that the top three AI tokens with the highest market capitalization are The Graph [GRT], SingularityNET [AGIX], and [FET].

Source: CoinMaketCap

Although these cryptocurrency assets experienced substantial growth during the past week, on-chain analysis revealed that their prices respective prices peaked on 8 February and have since declined. The decline in price was attributable to the corresponding drop in new demand for these assets. Due to a lack of sufficient liquidity to boost prices, it is likely that the prices of these assets will continue to decline.

Source: Santiment

Feb 7

A couple of hints to track the market 7-02-23, 20:36

How to track which tokens are pumping while the whole market is still undecisive?

In short: using this screener:

Source: Sanbase

In details: You might want to:

1. Create a screener with one single filter applied -- marketcap above $20M.

2. Add a column with 7d price change against BTC.

3. Sort it by maximum gain.

(All steps on video)

Sanbase also has a set of preselected token lists for overview on a dedicated page:

Source: Sanbase

A quick glimpse reveals a winner in last week performance -- AI related projects. Its total marketcap almost doubled in just seven days. Nothing even close to AI gains.


Feb 6

Aptos holders, bid farewell to your gains 6-02-23, 09:28

The APT token experienced a substantial price decline in the last week following a prolonged rally. According to CoinMarketCap, APT ranked as the cryptocurrency asset with the most losses in the last seven days.

A look at the daily chart revealed that holders have heavily distributed their APT tokens. The position of the CMF lent credence to this. It was positioned at -0.01 at the time of writing. A negative CMF indicates a decline in buying pressure and is usually accompanied by a price drawdown.

Further, the Aroon Up Line was in a downtrend at 21.43%. When the Aroon Up line is close to zero, the uptrend is weak, and a price decline is underway.

Source: TradingView

Weighted sentiment for APT was negative and has so been since the month started. This showed that negative sentiment lingered in the market as investors remain unsure of a continued price rally.

Source: Santiment

Feb 1

Dear Ethereum [ETH] holders, February might be rough 1-02-23, 09:13

It is no longer news that Ether [ETH] had an impressive run in January. Within that 31-day period, the leading altcoin's price rallied by over 30%. The price jump also caused it to trade at levels last seen prior to FTX's unexpected implosion.

However, as profit-taking intensifies, the alt might be gearing up to shed some (if not all) of its gains in February. A look at ETH's Aroon Indicator on the daily chart revealed that bullish sentiment has weakened significantly in the past few weeks. The Aroon Up line was spotted at 21.43%.

Usually, when the Aroon Up line approaches zero, it suggests a weak uptrend and a distant recent high, indicating the possibility of a trend reversal.

Source: TradingView

Also, currently, there is a dearth of new demand to help drive up the alt's price.

Source: Santiment

Jan 27

Shiba Inu [SHIB]: Maybe "Shibarium" will change the tides for this meme-coin. 27-01-23, 13:36

Following an unimpressive end to the 2022 trading year, the proposed launch of the much-awaited layer-2 blockchain Shibarium and the uptrend in the general market have culminated in a growth in SHIB's value since 1 January.

Currently trading at $0.000012, SHIB's price has increased by 42%. For the most part, market sentiment has been mostly positive, indicating that the market is convinced of a continued rally in the alt's price as long as macro-factors remain favorable.

However, the recent rally has failed to result in gains for many holders due to the ongoing effects of the turbulent trading period in 2022. This is indicated by SHIB's MVRV remaining in the undervalued range.

Source: Santiment