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Nov 23

Stablecoins on Arbitrum vs Ethereum 23-11-22, 19:00

There is an increasing demand in self custody. People are going to be using decentralized exchanges and stablecoins as a proxy more often. And this is how we see stablecoins usage on Ethereum compared to Arbitrum.

1. USDT, active addresses compared on a shared axis. Red — USDT on Ethereum, yellow — USDT on Arbitrum:

2. USDT, active addresses in different scales, to see the trend. Red — USDT on Ethereum, yellow — USDT on Arbitrum:


  • Stablecoin activity on Ethereum is way higher than on Arbitrum yet.
  • Arbitrum stablecoin activity almost doubled, while it remain just slightly increased on Ethereum.

The above and few more charts for your review:

Nov 21

The Good, the Bad and the Weird 21-11-22, 16:43

What you see on a chart is how much of a development effort was flowing into three distinct projects - Aptos, Solana and Internet Computer:

Which project you believe in?

"Dead" mentions in crypto social media 21-11-22, 16:28

We are seeing a very high social volume of "dead" mentions in crypto social media.

As well as its domination:

Source: Sanbase

Could probably be a good sign.


Nov 16

A few green flags on AUDIO 16-11-22, 22:58

There is still plenty more to come regarding Audius fundamentals, but some metrics have really began to reveal some anomalies.

1. Increasing on-chain activity by a large number of unique addresses, significantly spiking the AUDIO active address chart:

Source: Sanbase

2. Increasing on-chain activity visible in network growth:

Source: Sanbase

3. Strong development activity. See its github submission rate compared with Solana here for added perspective:

Source: Sanbase

4. Increasing amount of supply held by whales, specifically addresses holding 1M to 10M AUDIO:

Source: Sanbase

When these specific metrics begin spiking together for an asset, there has historically been an increased chance of a price surge. Will Audius see a breakout? Let’s keep a close eye on this together.

Is a good thing to take your tokens out of exchanges? 16-11-22, 18:00

During the last bear market bottom, supply on exchanges % was relatively high. This time, people are calling the bottom but supply on exchanges is decreasing.... Why this anomaly?

Or will be a bottoming signal if we see a massive increase on supply on exchanges soon?

Here are some examples :






Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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Nov 15

Some capitulation in AXS 15-11-22, 17:17

Our screener has highlighted an exchange inflow outlier in AXS...

Source: Sanbase

... along with a significant loss on NRPL:

Source: Sanbase

This appeared to be a trace of a single very wealthy wallet moving funds to Binance.

This wallet AXS holdings chart:

Source: Sanbase

The wallet dumped 3.6 million AXS to Binance shortly after some weird pump happened:

Why? Capitulation? Weak hands? We don't know. Just a serious move.

Take care.

Nov 14

DYDX review and smart money 14-11-22, 17:04

DYDX has a chance to become a strong narrative for the coming weeks. The strength of this narrative depends on what's happening on the market, will we see a next wave of liquidations or not. It's good to have a chart layout prepared. We did it for you.

Our eye catching a few pieces, but especially looking into the last one, token holders balance trend, with accumulation with of perhaps a smartest group of DYDX token holders so far:

They were able to do a great job, adjusting their position at the right time. Having strong nerves, they sometimes buy during a crash. They seem to be knowing what they doing so far.

ETH holders massively buying 14-11-22, 15:24

Ethereum holders are all massively buying:

Source: Sanbase

It probably means that exchange reserves are being sold. The dump is being bought by everyone.

On the other side very big holders (from 100K to 10M ETH) are being liquidated. They need to liquidate ETH in order to replenish liquidity. So they are doing it.

There is very massive a risk addressing activity. The crypto market realized risk.

If you want to see one chart, see how people withdraw from exchanges, this is the chart.

Exchange balances (supply ETH on exchanges also) also decreasing, everything goes to private wallets:

Source: Sanbase

Now everyone learned, you need to be your own custodian.


Nov 9

Drama related social volume 9-11-22, 14:56

We can see that CZ-SBF drama related talks in crypto social media has been super high yesterday. However today it doesn't seem so tight:

Less worries?


Liquidations on Aave 9-11-22, 14:51

Compared to strong June dump, liquidations on Aave are not there yet (yellow line).

No super special 'rekt' charts onchain.