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Hybernation in progress 25-05-22, 20:43

Ethereum fees are so low last days. We could even notice they've been that low before previous bottoms:

Low fees mean very little activity, no one is interested to do anything.

Is it connected to stablecoin velocity (let's say DAI)?

It looks like velocity (a measure of how quickly money is circulating in the crypto economy) has always decreased when we went to the top. Quite low now.

What are these two charts showing together is hybernation.

It happens typically in winter. Bears sleeping in winter. Waiting for a trigger...



May 24

May 23

GameStop meme meets Crypto 23-05-22, 17:03

GameStop, remember this meme stock. They have one more Social pump now and it is connected with Crypto

One more Social Pump of GameStop Meme Stock

GameStop Launches Wallet for Cryptocurrencies and NFTs. They say about it is the ideal wallet for NFTs. They focused on Layer 2 solution for NFTs and popular one Loopring Layer 2.





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May 16

LUNA and the Blood Moon 16-05-22, 15:17

A Blood Moon total lunar eclipse occured May 16th and could look similar to this view of one from July 2018.

And it's interesiting to notice that most trending words on Monday are related both to the eclipse, LUNA and stablecoins.

Blood LUNA, blood stablecoins? May be. At least the marketcap chart of biggest stablecoins is looking like falling from a cliff. Or from the moon:



And maybe USDC in some sense:

We're not even mentioning UST, which still holds around $1B cap:

Coincidence? May be. Watch out for the next eclipse this year.