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Jun 11

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Is the bottom in for $BTC?
10-06-21, 20:42
The last time the MVRV ratio hit all time lows we saw BTC surge in both 2018 and 2020. We have just hit lows again which could mean the bottom is in but theres still space below to reach all time lows.
Total exchange inflow (BTC)
10-06-21, 20:19
There appears to be a fall in inflow of BTC amongst all exchanges. There have been significant rises in inflow during the correction since $60,000-$40,000. This should indicate people are buying the dip and now holding.
Average social media sentiment is positive ('258') going into the weekend with G7 meeting.
10-06-21, 20:15
There is a positive sentiment going into the weekend which is good to see given the concerns around the G7 meeting on BTC and what the outcome will be.

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