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Jul 14

Jul 12

Chainlink's Key Stakeholders are Accumulating Rapidly! 12-07-24, 20:56

🐳📈 Chainlink's key stakeholders with 10K-1M coins have been showing major accumulation during these suppressed markets. Since June 24th, they have added 9.2M LINK, a +4.65% increase to their collective holdings since that date.

Bitcoin's Price Ignoring S&P 500... Is This a GOOD Thing? 12-07-24, 15:48

📊 Despite a mild recovery to end the week, Bitcoin's recent dip came as the S&P 500 and equities continued to flourish. This has been a rare sight for the past 3 years, with most of crypto's runs coming in tandem. BTC lagging behind suggests an eventual bullish catch up period.

Jul 11

This CPI Report May Have Appeared Good for Crypto, But it is Currently a Valuable Lesson in Patience 11-07-24, 23:19

📈📉 The US CPI report came out today with news of a core CPI 3.3% rise vs. 3.5% expected, appearing bullish for crypto. However, with many already anticipating a good report and prices being driven up in the days prior, this was a perfect 'buy the rumor, sell the news' event.

VIDEO: All About Santiment's Social Dashboard Features! 11-07-24, 20:05

📺 Use Santiment's Social Dashboard to easily get a grasp on topics and tokens driving crypto markets. Enjoy our video where we walk through these tools in detail to help you profit more efficiently!

Gaming Sector's Top 5 Remains Unchanged... But MANA is Creeping Close to EGLD for #1 11-07-24, 18:23

🧑‍💻 Here are crypto's top Gaming projects by their by their non-redundant daily development activity over the past 30 days.

Direction indicators represent whether each project has ascended or descended in their rankings since last month:

➡️1) Multiversx $EGLD 🥇
➡️2) Decentraland $MANA 🥈
➡️3) ImmutableX $IMX 🥉
➡️4) Skale $SKL
➡️5) Root $ROOT
📈6) Enjin $ENJ
📉7) Axie Infinity $AXS
📈8) Saito $SAITO
📉9) Cere $CERE
➡️10) The Sandbox $SAND

Bookmark this Gaming watchlist, and track what assets continue to rise and make it on to this leaderboard.

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VIDEO: Markets Won't Slip When Whales Buy the Dip! 11-07-24, 16:57

📺 There aren't many better combos in crypto than a panicked crowd, combined with a bullish group of whales. Our latest video looks at how small trader FUD made crypto millionaires richer!

While Small Wallets Liquidate, Whales and Sharks Growing in Number! 11-07-24, 00:44

🐳📈 Bitcoin whale and shark wallets are increasing in number while small traders sell off their bags during this dip period. July has seen a net increase of +261 wallets that now hold at least 10 BTC, which should give traders comfort in a long-term bullish future.

ETF's Picking Up a Bit of Steam and Capitalizing On Fear 11-07-24, 00:16

💸 The month of July has seen an average of $1.75B in Bitcoin ETF volume per day among the 7 largest ETF's. However, things have picked up after a slow start:

😒 Average volume, July 1st through 3th: $1.24B
🥳 Average volume, July 4th through 10th: $2.13B (+72% Rise)