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Feb 23

Bitcoin Whale Wallets are Growing at Their Fastest Pace Since February, 2022 23-02-24, 01:03

📊 #Bitcoin's various sized #onchain wallets have dramatically shifted in the past 30 days as #ETF's have become mainstays.

🐳 1K+ $BTC wallets: 147 MORE (7.4% rise)
🦈🐬 1-1K $BTC wallets: 1,237 LESS (0.1% drop)
🐟 <1 $BTC wallets: 509K LESS (1.0% drop)

Enjoy this template that tracks how these different sized tiers are fluctuating in number on the Bitcoin network over time.

Feb 22

SingularityNET On-Chain Activity Soars as the Crypto AI Party Continues 22-02-24, 21:13

🤖 #SingularityNET and its native token, $AGIX, are seeing sky-high levels of #onchain activity today with its market cap well over doubling in the past week. The network, which facilitates the creation and sharing of #AI tools, has an #alltimehigh 93.6K non-0 coin wallets now, as its daily whale transactions over $1M in value, on-chain volume, and conversation rate have all skyrocketed.

Keep tabs on these 4 key metrics to identify local top and bottom opportunities with this Santiment chart.

Follow along with real-time metrics, as shown in this chart, with a free Sanbase PRO trial to see what others in #crypto can't.

Nvidia's Positive Earning Report Having Positive Impact on AI and Big Data Crypto Projects, Frax Shares Proposal Stirring Debate 22-02-24, 19:15

#Nvidia's record quarterly revenue of $22.1B that was reported in their earnings report yesterday continues to bolster the tech stock, which is up another +15% today. After #Sora's release at the start of the week, this has given a second wave to #crypto projects in the #AI and #BigData sectors.

Also making several appearances on our trending list is the proposal related to the conversion of #FPIS to #veFXS, and the impact this has on #FraxShares ( $FXS ) holders.

Explore more on Santiment's constantly updated top hourly trends page here.

New AI and Big Data Screener and Watchlist Make it Easy to Track One of the Hottest Crypto Sectors of 2024! 22-02-24, 05:16

🤖 With the increased rise in interest in #AI and #BigData in #crypto, we have a new watchlist to allow you to keep tabs on this rising sector. Among top price risers over the past week, $AGI (+182%), $ALI(+138%), and $AGIX (+122%) have stood out.

Enjoy the link to our AI and Big Data screener, and enjoy using the public watchlist as well!

Feb 21

Ethereum's Ability to Cross $3K For Good May Depend On Crowd's Ability to Stay Calm 21-02-24, 23:10

#Crypto's celebration of #Ethereum's market value exceeding $3K was brief after a market-wide drop over the past 24 hours.

Blue spikes = Mentions of #3K in relation to $ETH's price
Red spikes = Mentions of #buy or #buying #Ethereum, indicating crowd #FOMO

Explore this comparative chart further, and see whether greed may factor in as ETH tries to exceed a $3,000 market value once again.

The Amount of Wallets Holding More Than 0 Bitcoin Has Dropped By 1.4% in a Month 21-02-24, 18:03

📊 There are 729.4K less #Bitcoin wallets holding greater than 0 $BTC, compared to one month ago. After the #SEC approved 11 Spot Bitcoin #ETF's, this amount of non-0 wallets peaked on January 20th at 52.95M. This is attributed to the increased interest in #hodlers having exposure through ETF's instead.

Meanwhile, #Ethereum has an #alltimehigh 114.95M holders, and #Tether has an #alltimehigh 5.22M holders. For any future asset with ETF's, there would be an implied drop in active wallets on their respective network.

Check out our comparison chart of different networks' total amount of holders, and feel free to add your own assets that you're interested in!

Bitcoin ETF Volume and Inflow Hit All-Time High Daily Levels in an Explosion of Activity Amongst Largest ETF's! 21-02-24, 00:56

📈 #Bitcoin #ETF volumes & inflows have seen record daily highs, according to Santiment's new Bitcoin ETF Dashboard! These volumes were perhaps slightly aided by closed markets for #PresidentsDay, but it is undeniable that trading and inflows have exploded to start the week.

Amongst the 7 largest ETF's, there was a combined $6.94B in volume. Individual #alltimehighs included $FBTC, $BITB, $HODL, $ARKB, & $BTCO. Regardless of individual address activity happening on the #blockchain, it seems that the interest in traders' exposure through ETF's is really turning into what savvy traders were expecting.


Feb 20

Social Chatter Has Not Increased Despite 4 Months of Booming Prices! 20-02-24, 21:59

ğŸ˜Ž Despite #Bitcoin's +74% price rise in 4 months, the crowd #FOMO that would normally be associated with this kind of surge has not been present. There was certainly an interest in $BTC in the weeks directly before and after the #SEC's approval of 11 #ETF's, but the lack of new greed in the space can actually be considered a promising sign that this rally can continue.

On this linked chart, watch for a sudden major rise in overall #crypto platform discussion (presumably due to over-zealous traders) as a sign that we may be nearing a local market top.

Enjoy a free trial to enjoy this chart and all of the Santiment historical metrics in real-time with a Sanbase PRO account here!

Pay Attention to How Dolphin Wallets are Handling Their Stablecoins! 20-02-24, 06:35

Small moves from mid-tier traders often work as excellent signals for spotting market pivots from the crowd. In the past 2 weeks, #stablecoin holders with $10K to $100K:

Added $44.3M in $USDT
Dropped $20.6M in $USDC

Here is the link to explore our chart in more detail!