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May 29

Tweet replies have bearish regard for 3000 bitcoins moved
29-05-20, 18:32

Here is the tweet reporting the movement of the coins. Take a look at the reactions. Predominantly very bearish opinions expressed in regard to it. Examples: ”Short Time!!!“, “Dump it!”, “We gon die!”. And there are interesting gifs. Some are quite exited about the prospect of a dump. Things like this can be a good sign for BTC growth, with respect to counter-sentiment speculation.

May 28

Chromia in accumulation mode?
28-05-20, 13:28

Cumulative holdings of top 100 CHR whales (non exchange biggest holders) increased almost twice since April:

Looks like a ribbon for flat price. And crowd is not there yet.

May 27

Theta Fuel can inflame other gas tokens
27-05-20, 15:00

Today's cryptoverse is expecting secondary "gas" tokens to follow insane TFUEL pump. Here are the most liquid, sorted by performance: TFUEL, ONG, GAS, VTHO. Their prices for comparison:

Watchlist to track:[email protected]#shared

Best performing (7d) indice 👆 in my watchlists.

May 26

No Reddit reaction to pump
26-05-20, 21:07

There was no Reddit reaction at this point to the pump of ETH above $200 and the rise rise of BTC to $8880. And prior this it was quiet there, and with a few concerns expressed. From a counter-sentiment perspective when speculating, this may be a good sign for a bit of growth in price.

Also, Crypto Kirby has flipped quite bearish. How high profile traders feel can be quite useful for counter sentiment speculation

Note that all this doesn’t necessarily mean the markets have reached the absolute bottom of this dumping, but may be approaching one.