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May 16

LUNA and the Blood Moon 16-05-22, 15:17

A Blood Moon total lunar eclipse occured May 16th and could look similar to this view of one from July 2018.

And it's interesiting to notice that most trending words on Monday are related both to the eclipse, LUNA and stablecoins.

Blood LUNA, blood stablecoins? May be. At least the marketcap chart of biggest stablecoins is looking like falling from a cliff. Or from the moon:



And maybe USDC in some sense:

We're not even mentioning UST, which still holds around $1B cap:

Coincidence? May be. Watch out for the next eclipse this year.


May 13

May 12

DAI. Flight to quality/security 12-05-22, 15:15

Do you want to see a flight to quality? This is how it looks like.

Stablecoin (DAI) holder's balance rapidly growing since market started to crash.

And it has only increased since LUNA drama started.

A history of the market on one chart.

DAI holders balance against BTC and LUNA


May 11

May 5

Whales blast in Dalarnia 5-05-22, 20:49

Mines of Dalarnia, a P2E action game with built-in real-estate market, has been launched last week after months of testing. The launch was not as smooth as it could be. However despite a bunch of issues, we are seeing a strong whales accumulation trend in DAR as ERC-20 token.

Have a look:

Holders of DAR worth from $130K to $1.3M have multiplied their balance since launch: from 0.4% of total supply up to 1.4%.

Also the amount of whale holders of the same group increased from 10 to 29:

Quite a strong confidence, isn't it?



May 4

May 3

Apr 30

Apr 29