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Comparing Weighted Social Sentiment for Crypto's Top Projects 11-03-21, 08:30

Our popular 'Weighted Social Sentiment' charts are finally back! They're once again available here for our PRO members to explore how positive vs. negative commentary is looking in real-time for 1,000+ assets.

Weighted social sentiment combines the positive/negative commentary, and multiply by the amount of social volume. Generally prices top out when this gets too high, and bottoms when getting too low.


BTC's at its most negative sentiment in 5 months, in spite of it pushing toward its recent all-time high.


Ethereum isn't quite at an extremely low negative level like Bitcoin, but it's seeing some similar negative commentary currently.


XRP has been just slightly negative for upwards of a month now.


Chainlink has quietly become more negative, and is sitting at its lowest level since October.


Polkadot very recently took a bit nosedive after what appears to be a double top.


Cardano is finally neutral again after its most euphoric social sentiment in over a year.

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Polkadot related watchlist 27-08-20, 20:43

Polkadot is #1 token in crypto social media according to Emerging Trends, gaining almost 100% since split. Some saying that Polkadot and its related projects have a great potential. Santiment compiled the most complete list of tokenized projects working with Polkadot.

A few highlights:

  • SHIFT is the biggest price gainer
  • LINK has a biggest marketcap
  • CELER's price is most stable
  • KSM is #1 in development activity

Any other finds?