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Jun 27

Watch Pumping Assets With Crowd Recognition vs. Ones Without... Like Solana and Avalanche! 27-06-24, 16:34

📈 Solana and Avalanche are both seeing nice gains as crypto rebounds.

👉 SOL's rally is being accompanied by traders FOMO'ing in, meaning the rally is less likely to continue

👉 AVAX's rally is being mostly ignored by the crowd, meaning the rally is more likely to continue

Feb 14

Altcoins Fluctuating Very Independent of One Another as Volatility From CPI Report Creates Major Opportunities! 14-02-24, 08:35

📊 #Bitcoin is nearing another cross back above $50K, climbing back to $49.8K following the panic drop from yesterday's disappointing #CPI report. Traders that are attentively positioning their portfolios with the right combination of #altcoins are still profiting as projects are quite decoupled from one another at the moment. $VET (+9%), $TAO (+8%), and $STX (+7%) are notable leaders over the past 24 hours.

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Jan 22

Is This the Beginning of a Bigger Crypto Retrace, Or the Perfect Bounce Opportunity? 22-01-24, 20:23

📉 #Bitcoin briefly fell below $40K for the first time since December 4th. Monday has been a bloodbath for most of the #crypto sector. Notably, there is 35% less discussion toward $BTC and 21% less toward $ETH compared to the prior #ETF approval week. #FUD is beginning to enter the picture, which should create nice price bounce opportunities when it reaches its peak.

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Jan 10

Has Altcoin Season Been Given a Second Life After 11 Bitcoin Spot ETF's Were Officially Approved? 10-01-24, 23:01

🥳 In a highly anticipated result, 11 separate firms received approval on their #BitcoinETF proposals by the #SEC. With this news, #Bitcoin is up slightly... but just like on yesterday's fake announcement, #altcoins are the ones surging. Ideally, a long-term #bullcycle would be led by $BTC initially, followed by #alts. But for now, the following top-100 projects have been the biggest beneficiaries on what is already one of the largest single-day #alt dominance days since 2021:

📌 $HEX + 36%
📌 $ARB +20%

📌 $SNX +17%
📌 $ETC +14%
📌 $MNT +14%

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Dec 26

Several Assets Mildly Slow Down on Development Activity During Holiday Season, But Cardano Still Chugging Along! 26-12-23, 16:23

🧑‍💻 Here are #crypto's top coins by development activity. This top 10 list is sorted by notable #github commits, basd on the past 30 days of each projects' team's activity:

1 Cardano $ADA

2 Polkadot $DOT

3 Kusama $KSM

4 Avalanche $AVAX

5 Internet Computer $ICP

6 Hedera $HBAR

7 Cosmos $ATOM

8 Optimism $OP

9 Status $SNT

10 Chainlink $LINK

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