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Anomalies on Optimism 21-12-22, 22:43

Optimism, one of new blockchains with increasing TVL and onchain activity, has shown quite some weird action recently, namely extremely high transaction volume of stablecoins on it:

Source: Sanbase

Average USDT or USDC transaction volume on Optimism is less then $10M. The anomaly above skyrocketed both to above $1B.

Liquidity mining? Washtrading?

We can check token velocity:

Source: Sanbase

Velocity was super high around that days.

Active addresses?

Source: Sanbase

No anomalies in active addresses, only a healthy trend.

Additionally, we can see a similar anomaly on OP token itself:

Source: Sanbase

It also coincided with a top of OP price against BTC and maximal bullishness in crowd.

There is probably some connection, we just don't know which one. Do you?

Keep an eye on Optimism, there a lot of things going on.

Bonus details:

Oct 4

Something brewing on Optimism 4-10-22, 15:34

Optimism onchain activity seems to continue building a stronger and stronger divergence with price. Active addresses:

Network growth:

Something might be brewing with Optimism.

Especially taking into account a strong increase of stablecoin onchain activity on Optimism blockchain:



Aug 4