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Jan 22

Is This the Beginning of a Bigger Crypto Retrace, Or the Perfect Bounce Opportunity? 22-01-24, 20:23

πŸ“‰ #Bitcoin briefly fell below $40K for the first time since December 4th. Monday has been a bloodbath for most of the #crypto sector. Notably, there is 35% less discussion toward $BTC and 21% less toward $ETH compared to the prior #ETF approval week. #FUD is beginning to enter the picture, which should create nice price bounce opportunities when it reaches its peak.

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Jan 11

Video: Market's Immediate Reaction to ETF Approvals Point to a BIG Altcoin Party! 11-01-24, 09:31

With the #ETF approvals came an immediate altcoin party breakout. Meanwhile, #Bitcoin has stayed relatively quiet. Will this trend continue? Our latest video discusses the push for another #altseason & trader euphoria following the big news!

Jan 10

Has Altcoin Season Been Given a Second Life After 11 Bitcoin Spot ETF's Were Officially Approved? 10-01-24, 23:01

πŸ₯³ In a highly anticipated result, 11 separate firms received approval on their #BitcoinETF proposals by the #SEC. With this news, #Bitcoin is up slightly... but just like on yesterday's fake announcement, #altcoins are the ones surging. Ideally, a long-term #bullcycle would be led by $BTC initially, followed by #alts. But for now, the following top-100 projects have been the biggest beneficiaries on what is already one of the largest single-day #alt dominance days since 2021:

πŸ“Œ $HEX + 36%
πŸ“Œ $ARB +20%

πŸ“Œ $SNX +17%
πŸ“Œ $ETC +14%
πŸ“Œ $MNT +14%

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Jan 8

Jan 3

Christmas Has Continued Into the New Year: More Altcoin Gains Being Gifted! 3-01-24, 01:54

πŸ“Š #Bitcoin's continued climb to $45.8K market value (highest since April, 2021) has helped #altcoins ascend in early 2024. Several breakout assets are following tight social volume patterns. If #FOMO stays away, $ICP, $FIL, $ARB, $BSV, $MKR, & $SEI can continue big runs.

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May 18