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Feb 9

Bitcoin's Push Toward $50K Has Seen its Supply in Profit Exceed 90% Once Again! 9-02-24, 19:06

🥳 #Bitcoin is making an end-of-week push toward $50K with just 10 weeks until the #halving. 90.5% of $BTC coins are now in profit compared to the time of their first existence. For comparison, 84.7% of $ETH coins and 79.9% of $XRP coins are in profit.

Feb 5

The Crowd Has Become Negative Toward Top Caps! Could This Be the Turning Point Bulls Needed? 5-02-24, 22:46

🐻 With #crypto market caps ranging and lacking the usual growth traders have been accustomed to since the #bullcycle began in October, there is a notable #bearish sentiment that has taken hold of #crypto discourse this week.

#Bitcoin, #Ethereum, #BinanceCoin, #XRPLedger, #Cardano, and #Solana are all uniformly in a more negative crowd sentiment range than their historic averages. This is the first time in over 6 months that this has occurred.

When traders become concerned and show #FUD across multiple large assets, it is a signal that market caps have a higher likelihood of seeing an impending bounce. Markets historically move in the direction of the crowd's least expected direction, making a rise catch many #short traders off guard.

Check out the link to our weighted sentiment comparison chart!

Jan 31

XRP Could Bounce, According to Potential Positive Whale Behavior! 31-01-24, 23:45

🐳 After an #altcoin slide Wednesday, #XRPLedger is at risk of falling below a $0.50 market value for the first time since October 19th. Interestingly, however, yesterday had the most $XRP $1M+ whale transactions on the network (217) since prices skyrocketed after a judge ruling that no securities laws were violated by Ripple back on July 13th and 14th.

Additionally, we don't see any panic coming from whales. Yesterday, wallets holding at least 10M $XRP combine to hold 67.2% of the available supply, the most since December 31, 2022. There are some key signals indicating that the #6 market cap asset is one of the better candidates for a bounce, assuming #Bitcoin can stabilize the rest of the week.

View the $XRP chart here, and see how things develop over the coming days!


Jan 27

XRP Ledger's Wallets With More Than 0 Coins Have Risen Above 5 Million For the First Time in History 27-01-24, 00:38

📈 #XRPLedger now has 5.02M distinct wallets that hold more than 0 $XRP coins, the most in its now 10+ years of public trading years. The #6 asset in #crypto by market cap has more than doubled such wallets in 3 years (+104%) as the network expands.


Jan 23

Video: Will Bitcoin's Sub-$40K Dip Be a Short-Lived Trip? 23-01-24, 06:31

Bulls and bears are fighting to keep Bitcoin on their respective side of $40K as we speak. Our latest video explores the short-term metrics, and what they are telling us $BTC and other top caps are most likely going to do after reaching 7-week lows!

Jan 18

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP Network in High Risk Zones, According to the Percent of Total Supply in Profit Metric 18-01-24, 06:46

💰 #Bitcoin (83%), #Ethereum (84%), and #XRPLedger (81%) have their respective supplies in historically high risk profit levels compared to their averages that hover in the 55%-75% range dating back to 2018. #Crypto can absolutely still climb due to more exposure from #ETF's and other positive news. But ideally, a great signal to watch that would imply continued long-term growth would be a breach below 75% of their supplies in profit once again.

Check out our previous article about the 'Percent of Total Supply in Profit' metric here!

Grab a free trial to enjoy all of the Santiment metrics with full historical charts and real-time data here!

Jan 15

XRP Sentiment Takes a Nose Dive After Traders Experience Scare From Failed Bitfinex Exploit. Opportunity Present? 15-01-24, 20:22

📊 Following an attempted (but failed) Bitfinex hack using a “Partial Payments Exploit”, there is high negative sentiment toward $XRP. The #altcoin's price performance has been middling in 2024. Along with a low #RSI, there is upside while #FUD is very prominent among traders.


Jan 13

Bitcoin and Ethereum Showing Severe Level of FOMO and Discussion Rate Heading Into Weekend! 13-01-24, 07:25

📊 As the weekend has kicked off, sentiment toward top cap assets remain at extremely optimistic levels with spotlights on them following the #ETF approvals. Traders are particularly #bullish toward #Ethereum after its market value climbed above $2,700 for the first time since May, 2022. There is also a notable #bull bias toward #Bitcoin and #XRPNetwork.

While traders are discussing the possibility of $ETH or $XRP #ETFApproval possibilities, #Cardano is overlooked compared to its normal level of trader optimism.

Link to chart!