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Jun 10

When Looking for Continued Pumps, Consider Kaspa as a Solid Example of What to Look For 10-06-24, 19:32

πŸ“ˆ Among top 30 crypto assets, the most notable recent price risers are:

πŸ€‘ $UNI: Seeing significant crowd FOMO, meaning there's a higher likelihood of a correction

πŸ™‚ $XMR: Seeing moderate interest, could fade slightly

πŸ˜’ $KAS: Almost no FOMO, higher chance of continuing pump

May 9

Monero and XRP are Driving Discussions as Markets Range! 9-05-24, 01:58

πŸ—£ #Monero is being discussed at an abnormally high rate due to the announcement that #LocalMonero is sunsetting as governments continue cracking down on $XMR and other privacy focused assets.

πŸ—£#XRPLedger is also seeing a high rate of discussion due to $XRP price volatility, and #Ripple's planned #stablecoin being labeled as an "unregistered crypto asset".

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