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Feb 23

DeFi Assets Create Instant Price Spikes and Euphoric Reactions After Uniswap's Staker Sharing Proposal 23-02-24, 20:29

πŸ’Έ #DeFi has taken some of the spotlight from the #AI craze. Assets that enable users to lend, borrow, or exchange #crypto without a central authority like $UNI, $COMP, $SUSHI, and $AAVE all spiked in value following a key #Uniswap proposal to reward staked and delegated token holders.

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Jan 10

Are Altcoins the Benficiaries of Disappointed Bitcoin Traders After SEC's Fake Approval Announcement? 10-01-24, 01:48

πŸ‘€πŸ“Š All eyes of the #crypto community shifted toward $BTC after the #SEC's false announcement of #BitcoinETF approvals. However, it has been #altcoins that have quickly seen major surges despite #Bitcoin declining as low as $45.4K.

Though a multi-day #altcoinparty would please many who have been trading into more speculative assets today, remember that a lack of confidence in #cryptocurrency's top asset would inevitably lead to the downfall of many market caps that rely on $BTC's price to stay steady. πŸ™

Dec 16

This Week in Crypto: Crypto's Week of MADNESS Needs a Full BONK of Analysis! 16-12-23, 01:04

Between Ledger exploits, alt season FOMO, and a particularly surging Solana-based coin named Bonk, we take a look at all of the happenings in a rare pre-recorded episode of This Week In Crypto. Watch our discussion on the metrics that point to what is likely going to happen next in our final weeks of 2023!

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Dec 15

This Week in Crypto: December 15, 2023 15-12-23, 15:03

Between Ledger exploits, alt season FOMO, and a particularly surging Solana-based coin named Bonk, we are going LIVE in 15 minutes to talk markets and look at assets YOU are interested in. Join us for the stream, or enjoy the replay at any time!

Dec 12

Aug 18

Liquidations are happening 18-08-23, 11:26

Yesterday we had the biggest spike in AAVE liquidations (WETH+WBTC collateral) for the past year.

AAVE v2 + AAVE v3 liquidations

Apr 12

Feb 3

Jan 11

Dec 6

Wanted: Onchain Activity 6-12-22, 14:53

Yesterday we tried to evaluate possible market moves using crowd sentiment:

Now when US Monday trading session is over we might review onchain activity.

With 24h daily active address metric as a proxy.

Long story short, a large number of tokens is now seeing an increasing divergence between price action (up) and active addresses (down).

Example: YFI

This is a warning sign, many divergencies now have to be reset by either a price dump or increase in activity.

What could be good to observe on many tokens for a rally is an opposite divergence, similar to MKR:

Until then, we might probably expect some gravity push down.

Charts layout:


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