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Oct 18

Uniswap Fees: Stirring UNI's Market 18-10-23, 11:39

Recent Uniswap updates reveal intriguing market dynamics. With Uniswap's introduction of fees prompting speculation of a 'sell the news' response, a closer look paints a different picture.

Substantial divergence is perceived between UNI's lowering price and the enlarging onchain activity, notably Active Addresses and Network Growth (see charts):

This trend indicates a rising interest despite the downtrend price-wise.

Negative MVRV (see chart) suggests short-term UNI holders perhaps feeling some pain:

These behaviour-based analytics offer potential insights into market sentiment, hinting at noteworthy unfolding market trends. Stay tuned, stay informed!

More charts for a deeper review:


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Mar 28

On-chain signs: bearish vs bullish 28-03-23, 16:53


If we look into Ethereum itself, we might see massive divergencies across many metrics.

Source: Sanbase

All above are red flags suggesting a dump. Divergencies quite massive all over the board, we might need to dive deep to reset it.


There is a reaction from holders that are probably scared by recent negative news - stablecoin dolphins and sharks:

Source: Sanbase
Source: Sanbase

And also some increased onchain activity on a number of altcoins forming a positive bullish divergence. For example, UNI:

Source: Sanbase

The period of increased volatility is here. What's your bet?


Dec 14

Networks awake 14-12-22, 20:59

The events following a short period a depression have increased network activity quite impressively. See the chart layout below. Here's just one example, YFI:

Source: Sanbase

There are differences. For instance, REN:

Source: Sanbase

REN is not picking up so strong because of it's complicated financial situation.


Source: Sanbase

UNI experienced a strong growth before, when there was an NFT marketplace announced. But still, we can see it's growing strongly, even compared with NFT related pump.

Each token has it's own story. It's own specific story which makes the difference. But many have a common pattern, it's network activity increasing quite a lot.

We might follow up in few days with more detailed market overview, for now just seeing massively increased network activity on many tokens. Therefore, networks awake.

Chart layout:

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