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Jul 5

Don't Underestimate the Power of Selecting Coins By MVRV! 5-07-24, 19:01

πŸ“Š The lower a coin's 30-day MVRV is, the less risk there is in opening or adding on to your position for a shorter term timeframe.

In order of the trackable top caps seeing the least to most risk of dip buy potential right now:

DOGE: -19.7% πŸ₯‡
UNI: -16.3% πŸ₯ˆ
LTC: -15.0% πŸ₯‰
ETH: -13.2%
LINK: -11.1%
XRP: -10.1%
ADA: -9.9%
BTC: -9.6%
TON: +4.0%

Jun 10

When Looking for Continued Pumps, Consider Kaspa as a Solid Example of What to Look For 10-06-24, 19:32

πŸ“ˆ Among top 30 crypto assets, the most notable recent price risers are:

πŸ€‘ $UNI: Seeing significant crowd FOMO, meaning there's a higher likelihood of a correction

πŸ™‚ $XMR: Seeing moderate interest, could fade slightly

πŸ˜’ $KAS: Almost no FOMO, higher chance of continuing pump

May 21

Ethereum's ETF Excitement Sparks a Historic Monday for All of Crypto 21-05-24, 01:06

πŸ“ˆThe hype surrounding #Ethereum's first spot #ETF has been a catalyst for one of #crypto's top 5 days of 2024. $ETH, $UNI, $PEPE, $BONK, & $LDO are all over +20% in 24 hours. #Bitcoin's jump to $71.4K for the 1sttime in 6 weeks is almost an afterthought.

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Apr 11

Uniswap's Crowd FUD Could Soon Be Your Best Bud! 11-04-24, 19:41

πŸ¦„πŸ“‰ #Uniswap has seen a significant amount of #FUD from traders after the #SEC publicly revealed their warning to #UniswapLabs of their pursuit of potential enforcement action. The discussion rate toward $UNI immediately saw its highest level in 15 months, and circulation spiked.

History has proven that there can be a bounce back effect when there is an overly fearful narrative toward a declining asset, as many witnessed with $XRP's own saga with the #SEC the past couple years. The asset's market cap has slid -38% in the past month.

Check out the social dominance and circulation chart for Uniswap here to consider whether the crowd's doubts may be creating an opportunity.


Mar 25

Feb 26

DeFi Assets Shuffling Their Positions as Development Activity Leaders as Sector Sees Major Growth 26-02-24, 17:23

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Here are #crypto's top #DeFi-related coins, sorted by notable development activity in the past 30 days:

1 Osmosis $OSMO
2 Radix $EXRD
3 Uniswap $UNI
4 Fox $FOX
5 DyDx $DYDX
6 Lido Dao $LDO
7 Synthetix $SNX
8 Centrifuge $CFG
9 Sora Validator $VAL
10 Bancor $BNT

Check out our #DeFi watchlist while the sector continues seeing a notable uptick in market cap growth.

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Feb 25

The Past Week's Market Movers Have Been Dominated By AI, NFT, DeFi, and ERC-20 Projects 25-02-24, 00:47

πŸ“ˆ This past week has been a story of #crypto sectors taking turns with big pumps.

πŸͺ™#AI projects like $AGIX, $AGI, $DBC, $XRP
πŸͺ™#NFT projects like $ALI, $TVK, $UOS, $FEAR
πŸͺ™#DeFi projects like $UNI, $CVX, $SUSHI, $SPELL
πŸͺ™#ERC20 projects like $BLUR, $WOO, $JASMY, $AIOZ

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Dec 8

Keep an Eye on Osmosis, Uniswap, and Other Top Developing DeFi Assets to Make Portfolio Decisions 8-12-23, 23:41

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» #Crypto's top #NFT-related coins by notable development activity, past 30 days:

1 Osmosis $OSMO

2 Uniswap $UNI

3 Radix $EXRD

4 DyDx $DYDX

5 Lido Dao $LDO

6 Synthetix $SNX

7 Fox Token $FOX

8 Kyber Network Crystal $KNC

9 Centrifuge $CFG

10 Sora Validator Token $VAL

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Oct 18

Uniswap Fees: Stirring UNI's Market 18-10-23, 11:39

Recent Uniswap updates reveal intriguing market dynamics. With Uniswap's introduction of fees prompting speculation of a 'sell the news' response, a closer look paints a different picture.

Substantial divergence is perceived between UNI's lowering price and the enlarging onchain activity, notably Active Addresses and Network Growth (see charts):

This trend indicates a rising interest despite the downtrend price-wise.

Negative MVRV (see chart) suggests short-term UNI holders perhaps feeling some pain:

These behaviour-based analytics offer potential insights into market sentiment, hinting at noteworthy unfolding market trends. Stay tuned, stay informed!

More charts for a deeper review:


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the post are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product.

Mar 28

On-chain signs: bearish vs bullish 28-03-23, 16:53


If we look into Ethereum itself, we might see massive divergencies across many metrics.

Source: Sanbase

All above are red flags suggesting a dump. Divergencies quite massive all over the board, we might need to dive deep to reset it.


There is a reaction from holders that are probably scared by recent negative news - stablecoin dolphins and sharks:

Source: Sanbase
Source: Sanbase

And also some increased onchain activity on a number of altcoins forming a positive bullish divergence. For example, UNI:

Source: Sanbase

The period of increased volatility is here. What's your bet?