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Feb 20

Pay Attention to How Dolphin Wallets are Handling Their Stablecoins! 20-02-24, 06:35

Small moves from mid-tier traders often work as excellent signals for spotting market pivots from the crowd. In the past 2 weeks, #stablecoin holders with $10K to $100K:

Added $44.3M in $USDT
Dropped $20.6M in $USDC

Here is the link to explore our chart in more detail!

Feb 12

Bitcoin's Market Value Has Exploded Above $50K as Stablecoin Caps Continue Rising! 12-02-24, 18:11

🥳 #Bitcoin has officially climbed above $50K for the first time since December 27, 2021. #Stablecoin market caps have risen significantly, with $11.4B more added in just 4 months. $5M+ whale wallets have accumulated 2.32% of the top 6 stables in 4 weeks.

Jan 28

Stablecoin Market Caps Still Moving in Right Direction Despite the Increase in Volatility Since the ETF Approvals! 28-01-24, 22:30

💸 Since late September, the constant in #crypto has been encouraging rises in #stablecoin market caps. The combined cap of $USDT, $USDC, $DAI, $BUSD, $TUSD, and $USDP is up $9.42B in 4 months, typically a necessary ingredient for #bullish conditions.

Jan 20

Bitcoin, Tether, and USD Coin Still Moving Slowly Out of Shark & Whale Wallets... For Now 20-01-24, 02:05

🐳 As the #crypto weekend begins, shark & whale tiers for #Bitcoin & top #stablecoins remain mildly down:

💰 10-10K #Bitcoin wallets: 66.27% of supply

💰 100K-10M #Tether wallets: 33.98% of supply

💰 100K-10M #USDCoin wallets: 35.49% of supply

Several events can still help trigger another #bullcycle for the #cryptocurrency sector as we saw in October, November, and December. But whale accumulation of these three assets, in particular, would be a key #bullish signal that many traders would welcome as the $BTC halving is now just under 14 weeks away. Stay tuned to see whether key stakeholders now load up.

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Dec 20

Dec 12

Nov 1

Aug 11

What do the "Sharks" eat? 11-08-23, 15:44

This is a follow up to a User Behavior Indicator introduced earlier.

Long story short, we keep an eye on a group of "sharks" in stablecoins, the ones holding $10K-$100K in USDT and USDC:

Did they buy the dip, did they sold the top? What did they swap their stables to?

We did a short research and found out that the recent decline in both stablecoin holdings is connected with the following moves:

44% – Sent to CEX

7% – Swapped to ETH

7% – Deposited into Aave as collateral

4% – Swapped to RLB

3% – Swapped to DAI, deposited into Maker

3% – Swapped to USDC, opened leveraged positions on dYdX

Other transactions were either wallets reshuffling or unclear.

Jul 24

Jul 11