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May 23

Tether and USD Coin Wallets Continue to Grow, a Nice Sign of Increasing Buying Power 23-05-24, 01:29

💸 Concerned about another #crypto market retrace? You may be comforted by the fact that the amount of non-empty #stablecoin wallets are rising. In 2024, the amount of #USDCoin non-empty wallets has grown by +13.9%, and #Tether wallets have grown +15.7%.

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May 16

May 3

Toncoin Growing a TON Compared to All Other Top Cap Assets! 3-05-24, 01:39

Sorted by greatest growth in the past 6 months, here is the net change of non-empty wallets among top market caps in #crypto (apologies to #BinanceCoin and #Solana, not pictured in this study):

#Toncoin $TON 16.8K wallets (+110% growth)
#Dogecoin $DOGE 6.6M wallets (+27% growth)
#Tether $USDT 5.7M wallets (+23% growth)
#USDCoin $USDC 2.1M wallets (+16% growth)
#Ethereum $ETH 120.7M wallets (+11% growth)
#Bitcoin $BTC 53.9M wallets (+10% growth)
#XRPLedger $XRP 5.2M wallets (+7% growth)
#Chainlink $LINK 727K wallets (+6% growth)
#Cardano $ADA 4.5M wallets (+0% growth)

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Apr 22

Apr 17

VIDEO: Whale Accumulation and Crowd Fear is a NICE Combination Heading into Final Pre-Halving Hours! 17-04-24, 03:14

The crowd's fear heading into the #halving may be just what we've needed to signal a recovery. With #FUD showing in #Bitcoin and #Ethereum, there is a solid chance this past weekend was the #bottom for #cryptocurrency markets. Enjoy our latest video as we look at many of Santiment's top metrics!

Apr 2

Whales are Collecting Stablecoins While Markets Have Ebbed and Flowed Since the All-Time High 2-04-24, 01:06

The supply of #stablecoins appear to have been rapidly accumulated by large wallets over the past 3 weeks. Wallets holding at least $5M in #crypto have added a collective 5.09% of the combined supplies of $USDT, $USDC, $BUSD, $DAI, $TUSD, and $USDP.

Mar 26

VIDEO: What is In Store After Massive Whale Accumulation? Market Chat With Hashoshi! 26-03-24, 13:59

What is in store for #crypto after whales had one of the largest days of #Bitcoin accumulation ever? We had a wonderful chat with market analyst, Hashoshi, to discuss. Enjoy the show here as we discuss the #onchain & social picture, as it stands!

Mar 25

Feb 29

VIDEO: Bitcoin's Unbelievable Rally Continues to Defy Expectations! 29-02-24, 17:23

📺In our new video, we look at several of Santiment's top indicators to see just how far this #crypto rally can run. Enjoy our discussion with Crypto News Alerts covering whale behavior, what may fuel #Bitcoin to a new #AllTimeHigh, and plenty more!

Feb 20

Pay Attention to How Dolphin Wallets are Handling Their Stablecoins! 20-02-24, 06:35

Small moves from mid-tier traders often work as excellent signals for spotting market pivots from the crowd. In the past 2 weeks, #stablecoin holders with $10K to $100K:

Added $44.3M in $USDT
Dropped $20.6M in $USDC

Here is the link to explore our chart in more detail!