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Apr 9

ERC-20's Ahead of the Pack Thanks to Ethereum's Eruption to Start the Week! 9-04-24, 00:50

Powered by #Ethereum's rise to start the week, #ERC20 assets have been well ahead of the markets on average. The sector has grown by +8.1% in the past week. Keep an eye on the continued surge of $TON (+21%), $LDO (+12%), and $ENA (+12%)

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Mar 12

Bitcoin's New All-Time High Parts the Seas for Altcoins to Flourish! 12-03-24, 00:50

Monday's #altcoin breakout was boosted by major distributions from #Bitcoin's latest new #AllTimeHigh. $BTC saw a +55% social volume rise, and $ETH's discussions +60%. Top cap notable 24-hour price gainers are:

  • $LTC +19%
  • $XRP +18%
  • $TON +18%

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Dec 12

Onchain activity in APE and TON 12-12-22, 15:25

Two possible ideas to observe.

High onchain activity and lack of price reaction are noticed in APE and TON.



ApeCoin has launched staking, its address activity surge is healthy and expected. Unexpected is APE price not doing much. Similar for TON.