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Jun 14

Tether and Toncoin Seeing Significant Rise in Social Volume 14-06-24, 22:54

🗣️ As the weekend approaches and crypto sees a slight rebound, the top trending coins among social platforms are:

💰Tether: Increased usage and adoption across Binance, Bitget, ByBit, and KuCoin
🪨Toncoin: Price surge above $8 and upcoming launch of TapSwap on the TON blockchain

Jun 13

Bitcoin's Supply Moving Away From Exchanges is a Promising Sign of an Eventual ATH Break! 13-06-24, 01:13

😎 Bitcoin's supply on exchanges has now dropped to its lowest level since December, 2021 (~942K coins). Meanwhile, Ethereum and Tether are moving back on. Historically, there is less drop-off risk for all of crypto while $BTC's available supply to be sold is limited.

May 20

Ethereum Interest is Extremely High Leading Up to the SEC's Decision to Approve the First Spot ETF! 20-05-24, 18:15

🗣️ #Ethereum is the top trending asset in #crypto, according to #X, #Discord, #Telegram, #4chan, & #BitcoinTalk. Eyes are on the #SEC's decision to approve the first Spot $ETH #ETF. Also, #FUD-related #Tether talk could lead to big #bullish market rises.

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May 3

Toncoin Growing a TON Compared to All Other Top Cap Assets! 3-05-24, 01:39

Sorted by greatest growth in the past 6 months, here is the net change of non-empty wallets among top market caps in #crypto (apologies to #BinanceCoin and #Solana, not pictured in this study):

#Toncoin $TON 16.8K wallets (+110% growth)
#Dogecoin $DOGE 6.6M wallets (+27% growth)
#Tether $USDT 5.7M wallets (+23% growth)
#USDCoin $USDC 2.1M wallets (+16% growth)
#Ethereum $ETH 120.7M wallets (+11% growth)
#Bitcoin $BTC 53.9M wallets (+10% growth)
#XRPLedger $XRP 5.2M wallets (+7% growth)
#Chainlink $LINK 727K wallets (+6% growth)
#Cardano $ADA 4.5M wallets (+0% growth)

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May 1

VIDEO: Crypto Markets Correct, But Don't Follow Everyone Else's Panic! 1-05-24, 00:22

📺 After #Bitcoin's -6.0% drop in the past 24 hours, we're starting to see an appealing level of #FUD that could be indicating a relief rally is around the corner. Joined by our friend, @hashoshi4, enjoy our video market update here as we turn the page to May!

Apr 19

VIDEO: Counter-Trading the Highs and Lows of the Crowd After the Halving Comes and Goes! 19-04-24, 21:20

📺 We had the privilege of chatting with our friends at CryptoBirb to take some final looks at where #crypto markets are likely going to go after the highly anticipated #halving. Enjoy the show, and let us know what we should cover on the next one!

Apr 17

VIDEO: Whale Accumulation and Crowd Fear is a NICE Combination Heading into Final Pre-Halving Hours! 17-04-24, 03:14

The crowd's fear heading into the #halving may be just what we've needed to signal a recovery. With #FUD showing in #Bitcoin and #Ethereum, there is a solid chance this past weekend was the #bottom for #cryptocurrency markets. Enjoy our latest video as we look at many of Santiment's top metrics!

Mar 26

VIDEO: What is In Store After Massive Whale Accumulation? Market Chat With Hashoshi! 26-03-24, 13:59

What is in store for #crypto after whales had one of the largest days of #Bitcoin accumulation ever? We had a wonderful chat with market analyst, Hashoshi, to discuss. Enjoy the show here as we discuss the #onchain & social picture, as it stands!

Feb 29

VIDEO: Bitcoin's Unbelievable Rally Continues to Defy Expectations! 29-02-24, 17:23

📺In our new video, we look at several of Santiment's top indicators to see just how far this #crypto rally can run. Enjoy our discussion with Crypto News Alerts covering whale behavior, what may fuel #Bitcoin to a new #AllTimeHigh, and plenty more!

Feb 21

The Amount of Wallets Holding More Than 0 Bitcoin Has Dropped By 1.4% in a Month 21-02-24, 18:03

📊 There are 729.4K less #Bitcoin wallets holding greater than 0 $BTC, compared to one month ago. After the #SEC approved 11 Spot Bitcoin #ETF's, this amount of non-0 wallets peaked on January 20th at 52.95M. This is attributed to the increased interest in #hodlers having exposure through ETF's instead.

Meanwhile, #Ethereum has an #alltimehigh 114.95M holders, and #Tether has an #alltimehigh 5.22M holders. For any future asset with ETF's, there would be an implied drop in active wallets on their respective network.

Check out our comparison chart of different networks' total amount of holders, and feel free to add your own assets that you're interested in!