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Feb 22

To risk or not to risk? 22-02-22, 15:50

An answer to this question can be approached by a set of metrics.

Normally people looking for funding rates of derivatives markets data. We can do it on Santiment platform simply using onchain data for stablecoins. And see how actively they are circulating.

  1. 1. Circulation 7d, a number of unique stablecoin tokens transacted weekly

2. C7 / MC, it's simply Circulation 7d divided my Marketcap, so we have it normalized

USDT metrics against BTC price:

DAI metrics against BTC price:

If you'd like to take risk when others do not like it, we might be there. In the area of historically quite low activity of stablecoins.

Charts layout:

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ETH price follows USDT supply 16-04-20, 19:34

Found out this correlation between ETH price and the USDT supply on exchanges

ETH price (green) and USDT supply (brown) on exchanges