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Dec 8

Pumping Tokens Shower the Top Trending Tokens List as Altcoin FOMO Re-Enters the Picture 8-12-23, 02:59

🗣️ $JTO and its new airdrop has been atop our trending tokens list, according to data on #X, #Reddit, #Telegram, & #4Chan. Additionally, #Bitcoin is seeing a variety of discussions about its future, and several other assets are seeing #FOMO due to pumps.

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Dec 7

Are We in a Bull Trap? Traders Seem to Think So 7-12-23, 20:24

😱 Traders are fearful that #crypto markets may be in a #bulltrap at the moment. But while #Bitcoin may have stopped its momentum for the time being, #Ethereum and #altcoins are blasting off once again. #FUD could propel $BTC to $50K if it increases.

Dec 4

Ethereum's Long Positions are Rising Quickly After its Milestone Breakthrough Above $2,250 4-12-23, 09:47

📊 #Ethereum's market value has just reached $2,250 for the first time in over 1.5 years. As $ETH open interest & longs increase, there are signs of #FOMO. Prices can still climb, but there is more risk while traders create greedy leveraged positions.

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Dec 2

VIDEO: Where are Markets Heading After Powell Keeps Interest Rates Steady? 2-12-23, 03:28

We catch up with @Minted_Max to talk about the positive news of the Fed keeping interest rates level for the rest of 2023. What is the impact on the Crypto Market?

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#bitcoinbullrun #cryptobullrun #interestrates

Nov 30

Non-Exchange Whale Wallets Continue to Hoard an Increasing Amount of Ethereum 30-11-23, 22:05

🐳 The largest #Ethereum wallets continue forming an encouraging pattern, with exchange wallets now reduced to 6-month lows (8.03M $ETH) and non-exchange wallets soaring to an #alltimehigh (41.03M $ETH). More and more coins continue moving to self custody.


Nov 28

Cryptocurrency and Equity Sectors are Correlating Tightly Once Again 28-11-23, 02:51

📊 #Bitcoin (+6.9%), #Ethereum (+12.2%) #SP500 (+8.5%), and #gold (+1.5%) have had encouraging November performances. Particularly with the stock market, it has rapidly caught up to #crypto over these past couple weeks. If $BTC makes a run from here without stocks following suit, this would be a strong sign that the correlation between sectors is breaking once again, which is typically a recipe for a #cryptocurrency #bullmarket.

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Sep 4

Aug 18

Liquidations are happening 18-08-23, 11:26

Yesterday we had the biggest spike in AAVE liquidations (WETH+WBTC collateral) for the past year.

AAVE v2 + AAVE v3 liquidations

Mar 28

On-chain signs: bearish vs bullish 28-03-23, 16:53


If we look into Ethereum itself, we might see massive divergencies across many metrics.

Source: Sanbase

All above are red flags suggesting a dump. Divergencies quite massive all over the board, we might need to dive deep to reset it.


There is a reaction from holders that are probably scared by recent negative news - stablecoin dolphins and sharks:

Source: Sanbase
Source: Sanbase

And also some increased onchain activity on a number of altcoins forming a positive bullish divergence. For example, UNI:

Source: Sanbase

The period of increased volatility is here. What's your bet?