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May 22

Bitcoin's 14th Anniversary of Pizza Day Leads Rising Topics, While Ethereum Leads Token Interests 22-05-24, 19:15

πŸ—£οΈπŸ• The infamous #Bitcoin #pizzaday celebrates its anniversary today, as traders satirically celebrate Laszlo Hanyecz paying 10K $BTC for two #PapaJohns pizzas in the first known #crypto purchase. #Ethereum also continues to trend as optimism stays high of an imminent #SEC approval of the first spot $ETH #ETF.

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Should You Be Eyeing Bitcoin and Solana More Than Ethereum Right Now? 22-05-24, 01:15

πŸ“Š #Ethereum is seeing the most #bullish crowd sentiment since September with the #SEC likely to approve the first #ETF's, and $ETH's price surge. Meanwhile, #Bitcoin & #Solana sentiment is slightly #bearish. The assets being slept on may be worth a look.

May 21

Will Smart Money Ethereum Wallets Begin to Grow Again After Positive ETF News? 21-05-24, 20:45

🐬🐳 #Ethereum's small wallets (holding 10 or less $ETH) continue to climb in number, reaching an #AllTimeHigh of 121.74M. Meanwhile, the #smartmoney wallets (holding 10-10K $ETH) are still down -5.8% this past year, and big whales (10K+ $ETH) are -10.6%.

Bulls Coming Out of Their Silence Following Crypto's Huge Run! 21-05-24, 15:09

πŸ€‘ #Buy calls are high among #crypto traders with #Bitcoin ascending above $71K yesterday and #Ethereum above $3,770 for the first time in 10 weeks. Ideally, many weak hands #panicsell here. Just a bit of #FUD can help justify a new $BTC #AllTimeHigh.

Ethereum's ETF Excitement Sparks a Historic Monday for All of Crypto 21-05-24, 01:06

πŸ“ˆThe hype surrounding #Ethereum's first spot #ETF has been a catalyst for one of #crypto's top 5 days of 2024. $ETH, $UNI, $PEPE, $BONK, & $LDO are all over +20% in 24 hours. #Bitcoin's jump to $71.4K for the 1sttime in 6 weeks is almost an afterthought.

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May 20

Ethereum ETF Optimism May Have Just Sparked the Next Mini Altcoin Rally! 20-05-24, 22:33

πŸ₯³ Following #Bloomberg's assessment that the #EthereumETF is now 75% likely (up from 25%), #Ethereum and the entire #altcoin market has exploded with market cap gains across the board. $ETH has now crossed above $3,650 for the first time since April 9th.

Check out how the social trends continue to fluctuate as the crowd discovers and continues to spread this story. Too much euphoria could lead to this being a #buytherumor, #sellthenews situation.

Ethereum Interest is Extremely High Leading Up to the SEC's Decision to Approve the First Spot ETF! 20-05-24, 18:15

πŸ—£οΈ #Ethereum is the top trending asset in #crypto, according to #X, #Discord, #Telegram, #4chan, & #BitcoinTalk. Eyes are on the #SEC's decision to approve the first Spot $ETH #ETF. Also, #FUD-related #Tether talk could lead to big #bullish market rises.

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May 17

Bullish Sentiment Has Returned Following Bitcoin's Big Moves! 17-05-24, 16:44

πŸ₯³ The crowd's sentiment has shifted toward #Bitcoin after the surprise bounce above $66K Wednesday (and now above $67.2K). Additionally, #Chainlink is seeing its most #bullish sentiment in over a year. #FOMO staying low will help these rises continue. Check out our weighted sentiment comparison chart here, and monitor how this #bullish sentiment develops.

May 14

Top Caps are Universally Negative For Just the 3rd Week in 6 Months 14-05-24, 15:39

πŸ˜’ Crowd negativity is very prevalent among top caps as they have failed to show sustained rebounds to keep traders interested. #Coinbase's outages and withdrawal freezes appear to be exacerbating this. #FUD could be big enough to propel a rebound soon.

May 9

The Crowd's Negative Sentiment May Be the Positive You're Waiting For! 9-05-24, 16:09

πŸ˜’ The sentiment toward #crypto's top cap assets is still rather negative. This has been the case since the April 19th $BTC #halving didn't immediately result in rising market caps throughout #cryptocurrency. With uncertainty high, small wallets dropping out of the sector may be the ingredient needed for #Bitcoin and many #altcoins to enjoy steady recoveries leading up to the summer.

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