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Today's top emerging trends explained
02-09-20, 12:25

Details on eth, gas, fees, defi -

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Aug 26

Why does Ampleforth fall?
26-08-20, 11:48

Watching the DeFi liquidity for a long time, one could notice an initially stable growth of $AMPL token. But recently, the token has been steadily going down, as can be seen in this graph:

Data provided by

This fall is due to the growth of Circulation, which is inversely proportional to the token price:

Also, it is noticeable by increasing the number of holders in Holder Distribution:

It is quite probable that in the nearest future this token should not be used for purchase and investment in liquidity.

Aug 21

Ethereum fees dropped 80%
21-08-20, 10:48
Source: Santiment

Meanwhile the Ethereum transaction fees in USD dropped almost 80% from all time high.
To around mid July levels. Nice opportunity for a cheaper onchain operations today.


Aug 14

Ethereum transaction count is nearing ATH
14-08-20, 09:49
Ethereum transaction count

Ethereum daily transaction count is nearing all time high. Daily transaction count all time high is 1.34M and was set on 2018-01-04 when the price of Ether was 1042$. At a time of writing this insight, today's Ethereum transaction count is 1.19M.

Also, Ethereum transaction fees broke all time high two days in a row, with fees 17.8k ETH (2020-08-12) and 20.3k ETH (2020-08-13).

Check out the transaction count Sandata chart.

Aug 13

Ethereum fees reached ATH
13-08-20, 10:58
Source: Santiment

Ethereum transaction fees reached all time high value in both USD and ETH.

Curious about gas used trend on Ethereum network? Check this Sanbase chart


Jun 11

Comments in subreddit dailies for sentiment
11-06-20, 23:27

Here is the Top comment, and the comment with most karma points in the last hour, in the daily threads of 4 different subreddit (at time of publication):
r/bitcoinmarkets Top comment, most pts in last hour
r/ethfinance Top comment, most karma points in last hour

r/bitcoin Top comment, most karma points in last hour

r/cryptocurrency Top comment, most karma points in last hour

Considering counter-sentiment theory (where positivity may suggest downward trend and negatively a upward trend), these could be used as input for determining the price trend of crypto markets. You can ask yourself if they are bullish in sentiment, an how bullish, or if they express a mood or attitude.

It may help for the short to medium term time-frame. Outside of that, it may be good to get input from other information sources or insights.