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Jun 19

Cardano and XRP Seeing Notable Shorting, Which Suggests Further Rising Isn't Out of the Question 19-06-24, 18:49

📈 Cardano and XRP are a couple of the most notable altcoins that are seeing heavy trader shorting following relief bounces. This is a good sign for patient bulls, as liquidates shorts can effectively act as 'rocket fuel' for continued price rises.

Keep an Eye on the Buy Zones Forming Among Short-Term MVRV's! 19-06-24, 02:02

🐂 The lower a cryptocurrency's 30-day MVRV is, the higher the likelihood we see a short-term bounce:

Bitcoin: -4.0% (Mild Bullish)
Ethereum: -4.3% (Mild Bullish)
XRP: -3.5% (Mild Bullish)
Dogecoin: -16.7% (Very Bullish)
Toncoin: -0.6% (Neutral)
Cardano: -12.6% (Very Bullish)

Jun 17

The Crowd Giving Up on These Large Cap Altcoins May Be a Sign That You Shouldn't 17-06-24, 20:35

📉 Crowd sentiment has dropped significantly for XRP, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu after their respective price drops. Patient traders who have been waiting for the crowd to give up on these large cap altcoins may finally have their buy opportunity with FOMO at a 2024 low.

Jun 6

Bitcoin and Ethereum Unsurprisingly Have Nearly All of Their Supply in Profit 6-06-24, 23:00

💸 Supply in Profit is calculated by summing a token's value vs. its value when it first originated on the blockchain. The percentage of top assets' supply in profit is:

🪙 Bitcoin: 98.3%
🪙 Ethereum: 95.1%
🪙 Chainlink: 86.8%
🪙 Dogecoin: 82.2%
🪙 XRP: 78.8%
🪙 Cardano: 53.5%

May 17

Bullish Sentiment Has Returned Following Bitcoin's Big Moves! 17-05-24, 16:44

🥳 The crowd's sentiment has shifted toward #Bitcoin after the surprise bounce above $66K Wednesday (and now above $67.2K). Additionally, #Chainlink is seeing its most #bullish sentiment in over a year. #FOMO staying low will help these rises continue. Check out our weighted sentiment comparison chart here, and monitor how this #bullish sentiment develops.

May 14

Top Caps are Universally Negative For Just the 3rd Week in 6 Months 14-05-24, 15:39

😒 Crowd negativity is very prevalent among top caps as they have failed to show sustained rebounds to keep traders interested. #Coinbase's outages and withdrawal freezes appear to be exacerbating this. #FUD could be big enough to propel a rebound soon.

May 9

The Crowd's Negative Sentiment May Be the Positive You're Waiting For! 9-05-24, 16:09

😒 The sentiment toward #crypto's top cap assets is still rather negative. This has been the case since the April 19th $BTC #halving didn't immediately result in rising market caps throughout #cryptocurrency. With uncertainty high, small wallets dropping out of the sector may be the ingredient needed for #Bitcoin and many #altcoins to enjoy steady recoveries leading up to the summer.

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Monero and XRP are Driving Discussions as Markets Range! 9-05-24, 01:58

🗣 #Monero is being discussed at an abnormally high rate due to the announcement that #LocalMonero is sunsetting as governments continue cracking down on $XMR and other privacy focused assets.

🗣#XRPLedger is also seeing a high rate of discussion due to $XRP price volatility, and #Ripple's planned #stablecoin being labeled as an "unregistered crypto asset".

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May 7

Keep Your Eye on RSI! 7-05-24, 16:21

According to the Relative Strength Index, the majority of top market cap #cryptocurrencies are in slight buy zones. This popular momentum oscillator, which is commonly used in technical analysis, suggests #Cardano as a potential buy low candidate.

May 4

VIDEO: May Rises and Asset Disguises w/Thinking Crypto! 4-05-24, 00:18

📺 We look at the #crypto market landscape alongside our friend, Trade Devils, to see what is next for your portfolio's immediate future. Enjoy our comprehensive look at several different sectors in our latest video!