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Pre-Christmas Bitcoin overview
24-12-20, 21:13

This is a very brief final view on BTC, where we stand close to the end of the year.

It seems like people in general start to concern themselves a little bit at these levels.

Age Consumed

We are still jumping quite a bit. It seems like there's quite a lot of old holders moving their bags:

Holders distribution

Retail sector (holders of up to 0.1 BTC) stopped buying at the time being after coming back at around 19K:

While the whale categories (100-10K BTC) are still on a considerable uptick:

Overall, at the end of crazy 2020, at all time high levels of Bitcoin, retail holders are still not in the race. Rally still powered by whales.

Happy holidays!


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Hottest Topics of the Day Dominated by BTC ATH Expectations
06-11-20, 09:11

btc, ath - expecting BTC at ATH soon

eth - bullish calls on Ethereum

alts - some hope but generally a depression for alts

trump, biden, ballots - U.S. Election

easyfi, easy - EasyFi AMA

stealth - Stealth Protocol AMA

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