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Apr 19

VIDEO: Why Santiment Metrics Showed the Current Bounce Was Likely! 19-04-24, 07:15

๐Ÿ“บ As #Bitcoin rapidly dropped to an eventual below $60K market value earlier today, we chatted with EquitiesTracker about some of Santiment's top indicators to see why the crowd's fear would likely lead to a bounce. Enjoy our final #halving video!


Apr 18

Traders Aren't Sold on a Quick Recovery, Which May Help Assist in a Quick Recovery! 18-04-24, 14:51

๐Ÿ“ˆ #Crypto markets have seen a boost today, as #Bitcoin has jumped back to $63.8K with just over 36 hours until its #halving event. The crowd has maintained a consistently #bearish sentiment toward top caps, which strengthens the argument for more rising. Remember that markets typically move in the opposite direction of the crowd's expectation!

Apr 17

Bull Market Calls Have Evaporated, While Bear Market Calls Grow... a Positive Sign? 17-04-24, 18:04

๐Ÿ˜ง According to the #crypto crowd, the #bullmarket has essentially come to an end after #Bitcoin's -16% market value drop since the #AllTimeHigh of $73.6K hit back on March 14th. At the same time, #bearmarket mentions are increasing. Historically, prices move the opposite direction of mass traders' expectations. The quick dropoff of #FOMO combined with a notable rise in #FUD is a promising combination that #cryptocurrency may see a recovery either right before the #halving, or shortly after.

Explore this chart further, and see how #bullish vs. #bearish mentions from the crowd are impacting the fluctuations of $BTC and other prices.

VIDEO: Whale Accumulation and Crowd Fear is a NICE Combination Heading into Final Pre-Halving Hours! 17-04-24, 03:14

The crowd's fear heading into the #halving may be just what we've needed to signal a recovery. With #FUD showing in #Bitcoin and #Ethereum, there is a solid chance this past weekend was the #bottom for #cryptocurrency markets. Enjoy our latest video as we look at many of Santiment's top metrics!

Apr 16

Bitcoin and Ethereum See an Irregular Amount of FUD, Suggesting a Market Rebound 16-04-24, 22:10

๐Ÿ“Š The ratio of #bullish vs. #bearish comments toward #Bitcoin and #Ethereum is predictably quite negative after $BTC fell to as low as $61.5K and $ETH to $2,890 this past weekend. We are already seeing the effects of trader #FUD, with markets bouncing back now and going the opposite direction of the crowd's expectation after they panic sold. Expect for this trend to continue until the #FOMO and hype about the #halving starts to talk over social media conversations like it was 1-2 weeks ago.

Track the positive vs. negative commentary by traders here, and see when the euphoria and fear are signaling that a shift in the markets is about to happen again.

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All Eyes on Bitcoin and Fiat, With Prices Retracing and 3 Days Until Halving 16-04-24, 15:12

๐Ÿ“Š Traders have been increasing their discussions toward #Bitcoin and the viability of #hodling through a potential extended correction past the #halving. With #altcoin sectors like #AI, #gaming, #DeFi, #memecoins, and others retracing heavily, expect that the crowd focus will continue to turn toward $BTC and #Fiat liquidations as #FUD continues to climb.

Check out the free Social Trends dashboard here.

You can also view the daily topics that are driving markets the most at any time on the Santiment Trending Topics page here.

A Bearish Trend with a Bullish Twist 16-04-24, 11:41

Have you noticed the bearish signals on major crypto platforms lately? Both Coindesk and Cointelegraph are reflecting a cautious sentiment, and even their graphics are echoing this trend. Moreover, Santiment AI has highlighted that the current buzz around Bitcoin targets a potential dip to $58k โ€” further evidence of the prevailing bearish mood.

Now, does this mean itโ€™s all doom and gloom? Absolutely not! In fact, this could be an intriguing opportunity to strategize differently. While the broader market sentiment leans towards caution, those of us willing to explore contrarian approaches might find valuable openings.

And hereโ€™s something else to consider: rumors suggest that major players like Wintermute are now predominantly holding stablecoins. This shift could signal a quieter field for those ready to act.

So, whatโ€™s your take on this? Are you prepared to look beyond the immediate sentiment and spot potential opportunities?


Apr 15

If You're Panicking, Remember That Whales Are Buying Your Bags! 15-04-24, 22:57

๐Ÿณ #Bitcoin key stakeholders aren't budging on their holdings, despite the concerning volatility that brought the top market cap #cryptocurrency's market value as low as $61.5K over the weekend.

With #FUD circulating among traders as markets close in on the April 19th #halving, this is how the following notable whale groups have behaved since March 1st:

๐Ÿช™โ†—๏ธ 100-1K $BTC wallets: 43,489 coins ($2.75B USD) accumulated
๐Ÿช™โ†—๏ธ 1K-10K $BTC wallets: 80,544 coins ($5.10B USD) accumulated
๐Ÿช™โ†—๏ธ 10K-100K $BTC wallets: 91,732 coins ($5.80B USD) accumulated

Explore the link, and track how these key tiers accumulate throughout 2024.

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Are Hong Kong's Approved Spot ETF's Enough to Right Crypto's Ship? 15-04-24, 19:57

Trader optimism is high after #HongKong approved spot #Bitcoin & #Ethereum #ETF's today. Unsurprisingly, though, the initial market impact has been negative, with $BTC dropping -4.5% since the news hit the public. When #FOMO dies down, expect a bounce.

Apr 14

VIDEO: The Crowd Panics on Crypto as Israel and Iran Tensions Rise 14-04-24, 09:20

The latest news from the Middle East may have a lot to do with crypto's major market cap drops this weekend. Can we expect a quick recovery after the initial crowd panic? Our latest video touches on the whale behavior and crowd social volume around the tensions between Israel and Iran, and more.