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Jul 2

Bitcoin Whales are Keeping Their Eyes on the Prize! 2-07-24, 14:56

🐳 Bitcoin's key stakeholders project a long-term bullish picture, as 10+ coin wallets have now accumulated an all-time high 16.17M BTC.

Ideally, we see buying power (dry powder) increase from Tether and USD Coin holders to really open the floodgates for crypto's next bull run.

May 23

Tether and USD Coin Wallets Continue to Grow, a Nice Sign of Increasing Buying Power 23-05-24, 01:29

💸 Concerned about another #crypto market retrace? You may be comforted by the fact that the amount of non-empty #stablecoin wallets are rising. In 2024, the amount of #USDCoin non-empty wallets has grown by +13.9%, and #Tether wallets have grown +15.7%.

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May 3

Toncoin Growing a TON Compared to All Other Top Cap Assets! 3-05-24, 01:39

Sorted by greatest growth in the past 6 months, here is the net change of non-empty wallets among top market caps in #crypto (apologies to #BinanceCoin and #Solana, not pictured in this study):

#Toncoin $TON 16.8K wallets (+110% growth)
#Dogecoin $DOGE 6.6M wallets (+27% growth)
#Tether $USDT 5.7M wallets (+23% growth)
#USDCoin $USDC 2.1M wallets (+16% growth)
#Ethereum $ETH 120.7M wallets (+11% growth)
#Bitcoin $BTC 53.9M wallets (+10% growth)
#XRPLedger $XRP 5.2M wallets (+7% growth)
#Chainlink $LINK 727K wallets (+6% growth)
#Cardano $ADA 4.5M wallets (+0% growth)

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Apr 17

VIDEO: Whale Accumulation and Crowd Fear is a NICE Combination Heading into Final Pre-Halving Hours! 17-04-24, 03:14

The crowd's fear heading into the #halving may be just what we've needed to signal a recovery. With #FUD showing in #Bitcoin and #Ethereum, there is a solid chance this past weekend was the #bottom for #cryptocurrency markets. Enjoy our latest video as we look at many of Santiment's top metrics!

Apr 2

Whales are Collecting Stablecoins While Markets Have Ebbed and Flowed Since the All-Time High 2-04-24, 01:06

The supply of #stablecoins appear to have been rapidly accumulated by large wallets over the past 3 weeks. Wallets holding at least $5M in #crypto have added a collective 5.09% of the combined supplies of $USDT, $USDC, $BUSD, $DAI, $TUSD, and $USDP.

Mar 26

VIDEO: What is In Store After Massive Whale Accumulation? Market Chat With Hashoshi! 26-03-24, 13:59

What is in store for #crypto after whales had one of the largest days of #Bitcoin accumulation ever? We had a wonderful chat with market analyst, Hashoshi, to discuss. Enjoy the show here as we discuss the #onchain & social picture, as it stands!

Feb 29

VIDEO: Bitcoin's Unbelievable Rally Continues to Defy Expectations! 29-02-24, 17:23

📺In our new video, we look at several of Santiment's top indicators to see just how far this #crypto rally can run. Enjoy our discussion with Crypto News Alerts covering whale behavior, what may fuel #Bitcoin to a new #AllTimeHigh, and plenty more!

Feb 20

Pay Attention to How Dolphin Wallets are Handling Their Stablecoins! 20-02-24, 06:35

Small moves from mid-tier traders often work as excellent signals for spotting market pivots from the crowd. In the past 2 weeks, #stablecoin holders with $10K to $100K:

Added $44.3M in $USDT
Dropped $20.6M in $USDC

Here is the link to explore our chart in more detail!

Feb 12

Bitcoin's Market Value Has Exploded Above $50K as Stablecoin Caps Continue Rising! 12-02-24, 18:11

🥳 #Bitcoin has officially climbed above $50K for the first time since December 27, 2021. #Stablecoin market caps have risen significantly, with $11.4B more added in just 4 months. $5M+ whale wallets have accumulated 2.32% of the top 6 stables in 4 weeks.

Jan 28

Stablecoin Market Caps Still Moving in Right Direction Despite the Increase in Volatility Since the ETF Approvals! 28-01-24, 22:30

💸 Since late September, the constant in #crypto has been encouraging rises in #stablecoin market caps. The combined cap of $USDT, $USDC, $DAI, $BUSD, $TUSD, and $USDP is up $9.42B in 4 months, typically a necessary ingredient for #bullish conditions.