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May 21

Ethereum's ETF Excitement Sparks a Historic Monday for All of Crypto 21-05-24, 01:06

πŸ“ˆThe hype surrounding #Ethereum's first spot #ETF has been a catalyst for one of #crypto's top 5 days of 2024. $ETH, $UNI, $PEPE, $BONK, & $LDO are all over +20% in 24 hours. #Bitcoin's jump to $71.4K for the 1sttime in 6 weeks is almost an afterthought.

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Mar 23

Bitcoin Safety and Memecoins Driving Market Talks Heading Into Weekend! 23-03-24, 02:13

πŸ“Š As #Bitcoin attempts to rebound following its largest sustained dip in over 5 months, traders have been increasingly focused on the challenges behind holding $BTC in cold storage, via #ETF's, and through various borrowing options.

Also seeing an increasing amount of narratives heading into the weekend, the major #memecoin market cap drops are showing polarized views. Some are still quite euphoric about the freedom and "wild west" concept behind them, while other traders are showing skepticism toward the facade behind them, and potential scams associated with them and the #cryptocurrency markets.

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Mar 8

AI and Memecoin Projects Battling for Market Cap Growth as Bitcoin Rangers at $67K 8-03-24, 03:18

πŸ“Š As #crypto markets remain eerily flat these past 24 hours, the push and pull between #AI coins and #memecoins has resumed.

πŸ€– $AGIX, $RNDR, & $FET surged earlier today, but began dipping 3 hours ago

🐢 $FLOKI, $PEPE, & $WIF dipped earlier today, but began surging 3 hours ago

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Mar 4

Memecoin Watchlist to Quickly Sort Through All the Pumps Throughout the Sector! 4-03-24, 21:04

😺🐢🀣 As #memecoins have made their presence felt during #crypto's historic rise, we introduce a watchlist exclusively for these assets. Among top assets for this category, market caps have risen +150%, and trade volume has risen +1,120%

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Memecoin Tradins Volume Has Historically Risen as Altcoin Redistribution Hasn't Slowed Down 4-03-24, 07:40

πŸ“ˆ #Memecoins, particularly those that have been trending over the past week, have skyrocketed in trading volume due to surging prices and increased crowd interest. On average, $SHIB, $PEPE, $FLOKI, and $BONK have seen volume rise +3,000% in the past week.

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Mar 2

'Altseason' Shows Continued Momentum Over the Weekend With Massive Memecoin and AI Project Surges 2-03-24, 23:49

πŸ“ˆ #Altcoins have seen historic gains over the past week, and #altseason hasn't slowed down this weekend. Notables like $PEPE (+225%) and $SHIB (+126%) have intrigued #memecoin traders. Keep an eye on #AI projects like $AR (+100%) and $FET (+76%) as well.

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Mar 1

Alpha Narratives Point to Bitcoin, AI, and PEPE Being Hot Topics as Calendar Turns to March! 1-03-24, 20:55

πŸ—£οΈ Following an explosive February full of some of the biggest monthly market cap gains in #crypto's history, discussions have increasingly moved toward price-related topics. Mainly, #Bitcoin, #AI tokens, & $PEPE. Markets can flatten for a bit as a result.

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Feb 29

Crypto Market Cap Growth Shows There are Many Projects With Rising Networks Beyond Just Bitcoin 29-02-24, 01:40

With #altcoin redistributions currently in progress, the overall #crypto market cap has now grown by 12.1% in the past week, according to the 2,862 assets with data currently on Santiment. Trading volume has more than doubled compared to last week.

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Jan 10

Are Altcoins the Benficiaries of Disappointed Bitcoin Traders After SEC's Fake Approval Announcement? 10-01-24, 01:48

πŸ‘€πŸ“Š All eyes of the #crypto community shifted toward $BTC after the #SEC's false announcement of #BitcoinETF approvals. However, it has been #altcoins that have quickly seen major surges despite #Bitcoin declining as low as $45.4K.

Though a multi-day #altcoinparty would please many who have been trading into more speculative assets today, remember that a lack of confidence in #cryptocurrency's top asset would inevitably lead to the downfall of many market caps that rely on $BTC's price to stay steady. πŸ™

Dec 5

VIDEO: Stop Losing Money Trading, and Find the Key Tops and Bottoms! 5-12-23, 02:13

πŸ“Ί What kinds of trading techniques can you make to avoid losing money in #crypto? Why are #hodlers outperforming you even when you think you're buying low & selling high? Check out the latest Santiment video about finding those key tops & bottoms!