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May 3

Toncoin Growing a TON Compared to All Other Top Cap Assets! 3-05-24, 01:39

Sorted by greatest growth in the past 6 months, here is the net change of non-empty wallets among top market caps in #crypto (apologies to #BinanceCoin and #Solana, not pictured in this study):

#Toncoin $TON 16.8K wallets (+110% growth)
#Dogecoin $DOGE 6.6M wallets (+27% growth)
#Tether $USDT 5.7M wallets (+23% growth)
#USDCoin $USDC 2.1M wallets (+16% growth)
#Ethereum $ETH 120.7M wallets (+11% growth)
#Bitcoin $BTC 53.9M wallets (+10% growth)
#XRPLedger $XRP 5.2M wallets (+7% growth)
#Chainlink $LINK 727K wallets (+6% growth)
#Cardano $ADA 4.5M wallets (+0% growth)

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Apr 27

Watch Bitcoin's Rise in the Network's Amount of Non-Empty Wallets as Traders Fear Further Altcoin Bleeding! 27-04-24, 08:41

πŸ“Š The total amount of non-empty #Bitcoin wallets are rapidly growing despite choppy prices. #Altcoin wallets for assets like #Dogecoin have flattened after enormous rises earlier this year. #Cardano is one of the few networks to see active wallets drop.

Mar 31

Dogecoin Rising While Traders are in Denial and Whales Move Around Piles! 31-03-24, 21:32

#Dogecoin is up another +10% today, and +29% this week. The top #memecoin by market cap (#8 market cap #crypto asset overall) is being powered by major dormant whales moving $DOGE back into circulation, and a lack of #FOMO that would normally form tops.

Mar 23

Bitcoin Safety and Memecoins Driving Market Talks Heading Into Weekend! 23-03-24, 02:13

πŸ“Š As #Bitcoin attempts to rebound following its largest sustained dip in over 5 months, traders have been increasingly focused on the challenges behind holding $BTC in cold storage, via #ETF's, and through various borrowing options.

Also seeing an increasing amount of narratives heading into the weekend, the major #memecoin market cap drops are showing polarized views. Some are still quite euphoric about the freedom and "wild west" concept behind them, while other traders are showing skepticism toward the facade behind them, and potential scams associated with them and the #cryptocurrency markets.

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Mar 4

Memecoin Watchlist to Quickly Sort Through All the Pumps Throughout the Sector! 4-03-24, 21:04

😺🐢🀣 As #memecoins have made their presence felt during #crypto's historic rise, we introduce a watchlist exclusively for these assets. Among top assets for this category, market caps have risen +150%, and trade volume has risen +1,120%

Explore it here, and use it to formulate new strategies, keep track of specific metrics related to your favorite meme-related projects, and identify social volume divergences.

Mar 2

'Altseason' Shows Continued Momentum Over the Weekend With Massive Memecoin and AI Project Surges 2-03-24, 23:49

πŸ“ˆ #Altcoins have seen historic gains over the past week, and #altseason hasn't slowed down this weekend. Notables like $PEPE (+225%) and $SHIB (+126%) have intrigued #memecoin traders. Keep an eye on #AI projects like $AR (+100%) and $FET (+76%) as well.

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Feb 29

Crypto Market Cap Growth Shows There are Many Projects With Rising Networks Beyond Just Bitcoin 29-02-24, 01:40

With #altcoin redistributions currently in progress, the overall #crypto market cap has now grown by 12.1% in the past week, according to the 2,862 assets with data currently on Santiment. Trading volume has more than doubled compared to last week.

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Feb 27

Trading Volume Has Skyrocketed This Week Amongst Large Cap Assets 27-02-24, 16:20

πŸ“Š With #crypto markets soaring to new heights, and many market caps exceeding levels last seen in 2021 or 2022, large cap project trading volumes have reached their highest level since the collapse of #FTX. #Bitcoin, in particular, is seeing a significant surge both on exchanges and via Spot #ETF's.

Historically, we have seen these massive spikes associated with temporary tops or bottoms. More organic growth in trading volume is generally preferred when identifying signals for continued market cap growth. Note that this major rise in volume is coinciding with a 4:1 ratio between profit taking and loss taking.

Feb 6

Dogecoin's Number of Wallets With More Than 0 Coins Skyrocketing With New Small Addresses 6-02-24, 02:30

🐢 #Dogecoin's value is -23% since its top on Dec. 9th. But the #memecoin's wallets with >0 $DOGE coins has been growing at the fastest rate in the network's decade long history. 413.8K new wallets, mostly holding 0.001-1 $DOGE, have been added in 2 weeks.

Jan 22

Top 10 Trending Tokens Include MANTA Due to New Exchange Listings, Along With Pumping Assets CTSI, ONTO, DOGE, AMP 22-01-24, 18:47

πŸ—£οΈ Several tokens have seen mid-sized breakouts over the past few days, including $CTSI, $ONDO, $DOGE, $AMP and $MANTA. Pumping assets on the list have a significantly higher probability of correcting in the short-term, or bouncing if they have been dropping.

This is due to the fact that novice traders and the mainstream crowd generally begin discussing them due to their current price narratives, and creating #FOMO-related tops or #FUD-related bottoms. Check out Santiment's top 10 trending tokens here!

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