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Jul 16

LTC and XRP Are Big Coins Circulating Around Crowd Circles... So Be Cautious With Them! 16-07-24, 01:48

🥳 As crypto continues its amazing market-wide rebounds, keep a close eye on Litecoin and XRP, a couple coins getting high levels of FOMO.

These coins can continue to rise, but the crowd's euphoria toward these assets could make them high risk, high reward investments this week.

Jul 10

Tether on Binance Chain Currently Leads All Network Daily Address Activity 10-07-24, 18:03

📊 The network with the highest level of address activity over the past month is Tether (specifically on the BNB network), which may surprise you.

We measure each network's level of activity by counting the average amount of unique addresses making at least one transaction on a daily basis.

Here is the full top 10 list, with 4 of the entries being stablecoin networks. Dollar signs represent stablecoins, coins represent traditional crypto assets:

💵 1) Tether (On BNB's Network) 🥇
🪙 2) Bitcoin 🥈
🪙 3) Ethereum 🥉
🪙 4) Polygon (On Polygon's Network
🪙 5) Litecoin
🪙 6) Worldcoin (On Optimism's Network)
💵 7) Tether (On Ethereum's Network)
💵 8) Tether (On Polygon's Network)
🪙 9) Bitcoin Cash
💵 10) USD Coin (On Optimism Network)

Check out the full list of coins here, and sort by DAA (daily active addresses) or any other metric you'd like to compare to optimize your portfolio!

Jul 5

Don't Underestimate the Power of Selecting Coins By MVRV! 5-07-24, 19:01

📊 The lower a coin's 30-day MVRV is, the less risk there is in opening or adding on to your position for a shorter term timeframe.

In order of the trackable top caps seeing the least to most risk of dip buy potential right now:

DOGE: -19.7% 🥇
UNI: -16.3% 🥈
LTC: -15.0% 🥉
ETH: -13.2%
LINK: -11.1%
XRP: -10.1%
ADA: -9.9%
BTC: -9.6%
TON: +4.0%

Jun 11

Litecoin a Hidden Gem to Emerge? 11-06-24, 05:34

⚡️ Litecoin has averaged ~704K unique addresses interacting on the network over the past week after averaging ~345K addresses throughout May. The network more than doubling in active addresses, along with its RSI well into an opportunity zone, may be foreshadowing an $LTC bounce.


May 6

Worldcoin and Litecoin are Turning Heads! 6-05-24, 19:24

The top trending tokens in #crypto today are:

#Worldcoin $WLD: The #AI asset has seen its market cap grow +44% thus far in May after bottoming out at the end of April. It has also seemingly gotten a boost after #WarrenBuffett made recent controversial comments about potentially illicit financial activities that have become more prevalent thanks to the accessibility of #ArtificialIntelligence.

#Litecoin $LTC: The prospect of future #LitecoinETF's have received some renewed interest with connections to #Grayscale.

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Apr 2

Litecoin is On the Move While the Rest of Crypto Sputters... Here's Why! 2-04-24, 19:14

⚡️📈 #Litecoin (+8.9%) is well ahead of the #altcoin pack in the past 24 hours, powered by significantly higher transaction volume than usual throughout the past month. More importantly, the average of $LTC investments is getting younger, indicating whales are moving more coins back into circulation.

Explore further and track this continued #bullish trend for Litecoin and other assets here!


Mar 12

Bitcoin's New All-Time High Parts the Seas for Altcoins to Flourish! 12-03-24, 00:50

Monday's #altcoin breakout was boosted by major distributions from #Bitcoin's latest new #AllTimeHigh. $BTC saw a +55% social volume rise, and $ETH's discussions +60%. Top cap notable 24-hour price gainers are:

  • $LTC +19%
  • $XRP +18%
  • $TON +18%

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Feb 28

On-Chain Transaction Volume is Hinting at Very High Profit Taking This Week 28-02-24, 00:05

📈 This week, the #Ethereum network is seeing its highest ratio of profitable #onchain transfers since November, with a 2.3 to 1 ratio of coins moving at a profit vs. loss. Meanwhile, #Bitcoin's ratio is also quite high at 1.8 to 1. #Cardano is one of the few seeing more loss transactions than profitable ones.

Generally, high profit taking is a decent mid-term signal for local tops potentially being on the horizon, as was illustrated when we saw a similar #crypto market setup for this Santiment metric back in late November.

Explore the link to this chart, and feel free to insert other projects you may be interested in!

Feb 14

Altcoins Fluctuating Very Independent of One Another as Volatility From CPI Report Creates Major Opportunities! 14-02-24, 08:35

📊 #Bitcoin is nearing another cross back above $50K, climbing back to $49.8K following the panic drop from yesterday's disappointing #CPI report. Traders that are attentively positioning their portfolios with the right combination of #altcoins are still profiting as projects are quite decoupled from one another at the moment. $VET (+9%), $TAO (+8%), and $STX (+7%) are notable leaders over the past 24 hours.

Social volumes for these projects and others can be tracked on this screener to see which projects are grabbing the crowd's attention next.

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Feb 9

Is a Market Shift Being Hinted at Through This Mild Litecoin Pump? 9-02-24, 00:38

⚡️📈 #Litecoin has had a mild emergence, rebounding back above $70 for the first time since January 22nd. For now, trading volume is rather dormant for the #19 ranked market cap asset. But monitor $LTC, as isolated pumps are often predecessors for $BTC.