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Jun 19

Cardano and XRP Seeing Notable Shorting, Which Suggests Further Rising Isn't Out of the Question 19-06-24, 18:49

📈 Cardano and XRP are a couple of the most notable altcoins that are seeing heavy trader shorting following relief bounces. This is a good sign for patient bulls, as liquidates shorts can effectively act as 'rocket fuel' for continued price rises.

Keep an Eye on the Buy Zones Forming Among Short-Term MVRV's! 19-06-24, 02:02

🐂 The lower a cryptocurrency's 30-day MVRV is, the higher the likelihood we see a short-term bounce:

Bitcoin: -4.0% (Mild Bullish)
Ethereum: -4.3% (Mild Bullish)
XRP: -3.5% (Mild Bullish)
Dogecoin: -16.7% (Very Bullish)
Toncoin: -0.6% (Neutral)
Cardano: -12.6% (Very Bullish)

Jun 10

Keep an Eye on Bitcoin and Cardano as Crowd Puts Them in the Spotlight 10-06-24, 17:30

🗣️ The most rising coins in social interest to start the week are:

$BTC: Bulls and bears battling at $70K level, and Bitcoin's market cap ($1.377T) being compared to Apple's ($2.998T)

$ADA: Smart contract NFT's, comparison to Ethereum, growing Cardano network decentralization

Jun 6

Bitcoin and Ethereum Unsurprisingly Have Nearly All of Their Supply in Profit 6-06-24, 23:00

💸 Supply in Profit is calculated by summing a token's value vs. its value when it first originated on the blockchain. The percentage of top assets' supply in profit is:

🪙 Bitcoin: 98.3%
🪙 Ethereum: 95.1%
🪙 Chainlink: 86.8%
🪙 Dogecoin: 82.2%
🪙 XRP: 78.8%
🪙 Cardano: 53.5%

Jun 5

Keep an Eye On Cardano, Shiba Inu, and Jasmy Whales! 5-06-24, 22:45

📈 #Cardano, #ShibaInu, and #Jasmy are all enjoying surges, each appearing to be triggered after a spike in whale interest. The amount of $100K+ transactions on each of these networks have all more than doubled this week compared to usual 2024 averages, signaling accumulation.

May 14

Top Caps are Universally Negative For Just the 3rd Week in 6 Months 14-05-24, 15:39

😒 Crowd negativity is very prevalent among top caps as they have failed to show sustained rebounds to keep traders interested. #Coinbase's outages and withdrawal freezes appear to be exacerbating this. #FUD could be big enough to propel a rebound soon.

May 9

The Crowd's Negative Sentiment May Be the Positive You're Waiting For! 9-05-24, 16:09

😒 The sentiment toward #crypto's top cap assets is still rather negative. This has been the case since the April 19th $BTC #halving didn't immediately result in rising market caps throughout #cryptocurrency. With uncertainty high, small wallets dropping out of the sector may be the ingredient needed for #Bitcoin and many #altcoins to enjoy steady recoveries leading up to the summer.

Enjoy our link to track the weekly sentiment of $BTC, $ETH, $BNB, $XRP, $ADA, $SOL, and $DOGE.

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Apr 29

Cardano Whale Transactions Surge... What Does it MEAN? 29-04-24, 21:18

🐳💥 #Cardano's whale transactions exceeding $100K in value has exploded to the highest amount since November 8th. These spikes in whale activity historically correlate with potential price reversals. $ADA's market cap has shrunk -43% since March 13th.


Apr 27

Watch Bitcoin's Rise in the Network's Amount of Non-Empty Wallets as Traders Fear Further Altcoin Bleeding! 27-04-24, 08:41

📊 The total amount of non-empty #Bitcoin wallets are rapidly growing despite choppy prices. #Altcoin wallets for assets like #Dogecoin have flattened after enormous rises earlier this year. #Cardano is one of the few networks to see active wallets drop.

Feb 28

On-Chain Transaction Volume is Hinting at Very High Profit Taking This Week 28-02-24, 00:05

📈 This week, the #Ethereum network is seeing its highest ratio of profitable #onchain transfers since November, with a 2.3 to 1 ratio of coins moving at a profit vs. loss. Meanwhile, #Bitcoin's ratio is also quite high at 1.8 to 1. #Cardano is one of the few seeing more loss transactions than profitable ones.

Generally, high profit taking is a decent mid-term signal for local tops potentially being on the horizon, as was illustrated when we saw a similar #crypto market setup for this Santiment metric back in late November.

Explore the link to this chart, and feel free to insert other projects you may be interested in!