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Dec 29

MATIC hits new ATH: 4 metrics to watch
29-12-21, 03:03

MATIC's on another all-time high binge, so here are 4 quick metrics to watch:

1) Daily active addresses look very choppy - isolated spikes around local pumps, possibly a signal of increased sell-offs:

Unless we see a sustained uptick in address activity, we may expect volatile PA and a quick-fire correction with every new ATH push.

2) Daily deposits confirm the above - latest two price tops were marked by a clear uptick in deposits. These indicate rising sell-offs that may obstruct the rally:

3) Network Profit/Loss had a massive spike right as MATIC hit new ATH, suggesting significant profit-taking activity. Keep an eye on these if MATIC rallies once more:

4) Finally, last two price tops were marked with upticks in MATIC-related chatter, as the social sentiment hit 'peak hype'. This should be a good gauge of retail fear/greed as (or if) MATIC continues to pump:

Stay safe out there!

Jul 1

The comeback season for DeFi?
01-07-21, 01:13

Some of the largest DeFi tokens are experiencing quite the uptick in unique addresses activity over the past few days:

  • AAVE's daily active addresses are up +24.1% since Monday.
  • MKR's daily active addresses are up +97% since Monday.
  • UNI's daily active addresses are up +72.5% since Monday.
  • COMP's daily active addresses are up +72.8% since Monday.

Could this be the start of a new demand wave for DeFi?

It's still (way) too early to tell, but I'd keep an eye on these charts in the coming days. A sustained rise in address activity may be an early signal of growing network confidence and a possible 'return to form' for DeFi's blue chips.

Still a long way to go, but a decent start!


Apr 15

AAVE Bullwhales are back. How long will they remain?
15-04-21, 22:18

AAVE, like most of the market, has returned to bull mode.
TL,DR: Coinlist activates AAVE trading on Monday 19th. Whales reloaded 6 days earlier. Most aggressive jump in whale activity in 6 months. MVRV Z-score breaks downtrend. Accumulation reignited. Other lending protocols see silent accumulation.

Active Addresses spike on the 1h timeframe is a good giveaway of trading energy flowing into a clear new trend.
On the 10th of April, whale addreses holding more than 10k coins spiked a whoppping 25%
Whale (>100k USD) activity spike confirms that we are looking at true whale activity.
MVRV Z-score breaks out at the same time as the 60d MVRV flipping double digit positive.

NVT (in volume) spikes during the consolidation phase since February provided good buying opportunities.

This particular whale probably acted on fundamental grounds:

65k AAVE purchased at the beginning of April. Lending coins like LQTY also joined the portfolio at this time.

Mar 24

Chainlink's On-Chain and Social Fundamentals: A Snapshot of Where We Are
24-03-21, 07:12

March has been a rollercoaster for LINK Marines, as Chainlink's price fluctuated between $26 and $32 after its late February all-time high of ~$36.83. Let's see how some of its key metrics are looking:

Supply Help by Top 10 Exchange and Non-Exchange Addresses

The top 10 non-exchange LINK holders are holding around 2021-high levels, an encouraging sign. In the same respect, the top 10 exchange LINK holders the lowest amount since November, 2017. This lack of tokens available to sell off is also promising.

Weighted Social Sentiment

LINK is not having a major amount of discussion, and this is actually a good thing. Our studies prove that assets are more likely to rise when crowd discussion is dormant.

Daily Active Addresses & Deposits

Address activity has been declining, but at least deposits are also on the decline.

Whale Supply Distribution

The amount of whale holders with at least 10k $LINK continues to decline, a less than promising indication.

Sep 10

Open Thursday Thread
10-09-20, 15:42

This week continues a series of discussion threads in Insights.

A question today is:

Is there a chance farmers will move to blockchains with cheaper transactions?

To Tron for example, Pearl Finance.


Aug 27

Open Thursday Thread
27-08-20, 10:21

This week continues a series of Discussion threads in Insights.

A question today is:

How do you discover hot new DeFi tokens?

Any comment is good.


Aug 26

Why does Ampleforth fall?
26-08-20, 11:48

Watching the DeFi liquidity for a long time, one could notice an initially stable growth of $AMPL token. But recently, the token has been steadily going down, as can be seen in this graph:

Data provided by

This fall is due to the growth of Circulation, which is inversely proportional to the token price:

Also, it is noticeable by increasing the number of holders in Holder Distribution:

It is quite probable that in the nearest future this token should not be used for purchase and investment in liquidity.

Jul 29

COMP looking good
29-07-20, 14:54
A healthy DAA and NG divergence

Nice divergence with price is seen in:

  1. 1. DAA
  2. 2. Network growth
  3. 3. Transaction volume
  4. 4. Social volume