DYDX whale spotted selling before the dump

Santiment has a powerful feature, called "Screener".

Entry point - https://app.santiment.net/screener/new, short guide - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4H5FlcJwi5A.

It allows to produce a live list of tokens, filtered by specific criteria.

One of our public screeners, "Exchange Inflow" is set to highlight assets with increased exchange inflow, x3 compared to yesterday.

And there was DYDX on the list.

Looking into DyDx we found out that there was indeed a high exchange inflow, interestingly, a few hours prior to dump:

The top transactions table reveals a whale address initiatiting this move:

This is how his DYDX holdings chart looks like:

His funds ended up on Binance.

Yeah, even whales are getting desperate.

Charts used:



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