Santiment NFT Battle Winners: Discover the Top 9 Market Insights

Thanks for participating in the Santiment NFT Battle! This campaign was one of many steps towards becoming a community-driven crypto analytics platform, where you can share your insights and discoveries. We will continue walking on our path to create an "ownership economy" in the field of crypto market analytics.

We were genuinely impressed by the level of market knowledge and predictions shared by our community, and we appreciate each and every one of the 19 insights submitted by 11 participants. Five members of the Santiment team submitted their expert insights, while six members of the community also shared their valuable market predictions, showcasing the diverse pool of knowledge within our family.

We carefully read through all of the submissions and were impressed by just how great results were for the first run. Whether it was beginner's luck or not remains to be seen when we run it again. The vast majority of the insights successfully predicted upcoming growth for various coins based on technical analysis, crowd sentiment, MVRV, holders distribution, exchange funding rate, and many other metrics.

The competition was fierce, but we're excited to announce the top 9 winning insights:

  • @sanr_king - Capitulation in the horizon for SOL. Awesome market analysis made purely by using crowd sentiment based call, an author successfully predicted the rebound in SOL price. That was a very contradictory call at that time - yet, it worked amazingly.
  • @K.J.LANPAUL - On-Chain Metrics to Outperform the Crypto Market.
    Successful prediction of crypto market growth based on using on-chain metrics, specifically the MVRV intraday ratio 30-day and MVRV intraday ratio 7-day.
  • @sanr_king - MVRV Long/Short Difference: An Indicator of Potential Trend Reversals. The author suggested that the MVRV Long/Short Difference metric indicates a potential trend reversal and a buying opportunity in the crypto market.
  • @sanr_king - Small Investors in Big Cryptos. Small to medium-sized investors who hold various cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Cardano (ADA) tend to be confident in the long-term potential of the coins they are holding and are willing to hold onto their positions through short-term market fluctuations.
  • @Aztec1 - Crypto Market Relief Rally (Hopium). Just a good market analysis showcasing a deep understanding of how the crypto market works.
  • @sanr_king - Examining the Impact of BTC Whale Behavior on Price Trends. The author talks about how BTC whales can impact market prices and suggests that based on recent behavior, the price of BTC may move sideways or decrease in the next 6-12 months. That was a good guess but has not happened.
  • @sanr_king - ADA is undervalued. The author predicts that the price of ADA will increase in value based on the analysis of three on-chain charts utilizing "holders distribution metrics."
  • @M.Indrak - Changes to GMX how works success a bear market. The article explains the changes to GMX, a successful DEX on Arbitrum, which are predicted to be beneficial. Overall, it is a good study despite the poor formatting of the text.
  • @comandocrypto - Future of Bitcoin. Short but straight to the point. The main idea of the post is that the price of Bitcoin will hit $48k before 2024, offering an opportunity for investors to triple their capital. Whether this doubling will come true remains to be seen, but the timing was good for the current rebound.

These winners will receive an exclusive NFTs that unlocks 3 months of Sanbase PRO access. The access will expire 3 months after the NFT is minted and 18% discount will remain as long as it's held. You have the ability to give away the NFT to your friend and even sell it on OpenSea.

We would also like to give a special congratulations to the winners of the SanR signals, based on NFT Battle insights:

Once again, we want to thank everyone who participated in the NFT Battle. Hope you had fun honing your predictive abilities and learning from the insights shared by others.

Here are the metrics used:

Happy trading SanFam!

Thanks for reading!

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