The Tether flippening

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The flippening, yes, it finally happened. With the recent chain swap of $300M USDT from Bitcoin's OMNI to Ethereum, there are officially now more ERC20-USDT than OMNI-USDT.

According to the Tether transparency page,

Tether Distribution

Ethereum : 2,023,993,042.780251 USDT

Bitcoin (OMNI) : 1,775,000,000.00 USDT

Tron: 817,053,610.60 USDT
EOS: 5,251,000.50 USDT

Liquid: 61,000.00 USDT

Total: 4,531,749,520.16 USDT

Even though the Tether flippening happened, most of the Tether related talks revolve around:

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