How to spot opportunities using custom screeners

It's been a while since we showed how to use powerful Santiment screeners,

Our latest release made screeners even more flexible. Let me share what is this tool capable for.

For example we want to have a list of, say, most undervalued DeFi tokens with increasing crowd interest, sorted by development activity. Only liquid ones.

1. Rephrasing requirements to metrics language:

  • Only liquid tokens = Trading volume more than $1M a day
  • Undervalued = MVRV (30d) below -20%
  • Increasing crowd interest = Social Volume increased 500% compared to last day
  • Development activity = Development activity
  • DeFi tokens = "DeFi" market segment

2. Creating a new screener:


Then setting up filter following criteria:

  • Volume > $1000000
  • Market segment: "DeFi"
  • Social Volume goes up 300% in 1d
  • MVRV (30d) < 0

Should be looking like this:

Hiding filter menu by clicking "Filter" and we got a list of 4 tokens satisfying conditions:

3. Setting up columns.

The list we got has a default set of columns. We can change that in order to have it sorted by development activity. Click this icon and pick another columns:

Finally, click on devactivity column title makes the list sorted by devactivity as we wanted:

4. Next, let's shuffle columns!

Why not, we can do this easily using drag and drop:

5. Saving columns set

Now when we invested many seconds in customizing our screener, we can save this columns set. And apply it anytime.

Now we have a fine tuned screener for DeFi submarines!


We prepared a few selected screeners for your inspiration:

Last one is catching major whale inflows to exchanges.

Happy fishing!

Thanks for reading!

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