What's New on Sanbase (March 2021 update)

Over the past month, the Santiment team has added a number of new features and quality-of-life updates to the Sanbase platform, including updates to our metrics tree, brand new on-chain indicators and a fully revamped Wallet Analysis tool.

Here are some of the most important changes to Sanbase in March:

  • Price charts can now be toggled from line to candlestick view, which includes OHLC (Open, High, Low, Close) data for any selected time interval.

    To switch to candlestick view, simply hover over the Price indicator -> Cogwheel -> Style -> Candles:
  • We have recently updated our entire metric tree for easier navigation. In doing so, we have renamed and reclassified a number of indicators, as well as added several new metric categories, including Whales, Long-term Holders and Supply Distribution.

    You can find the updated metric tree in the left-side menu of each project page:
  • We have recently added the MVRV ratio (Z-score), which measures the deviation between the coin’s market and realized value. For more information on the MVRV ratio and its potential use cases, check out our recent article on MVRV-based strategies.

    You can find the MVRV ratio (Z-score) under On-chain -> Network Value -> MVRV ratio (Z-score):
  • We have added two ‘Whale Transaction count’ metrics, which track the amount of daily token transactions worth more than $100k and $1m USD, respectively. Check out our recently published event study for more information on Whale Transactions and their potential impact on the coin's price action.

    You can find the new 'Whale Transaction count' metrics under On-chain -> Whale -> Whale Transaction Count:
  • We have recently added labeled supply distribution for all ERC-20 assets, which allows you to filter the coin’s holders by relevant labels, including exchanges, whales, miners and infrastructure wallets.

    You can find our labeled supply distribution under On-chain -> Supply distribution -> By number of addresses (labeled):
  • While they've existed on graphs.santiment.net for a while now, we've finally ported a number of MakerDAO-related metrics to Sanbase, including the amount of different tokens locked in CDPs, amount of DAI created/repaid, collateralization ratios and more.

    These metrics are available for all coins that can be used as collateral in CDPs, including LINK, BAT, YFI and more.

    You can find MakerDAO metrics for all supported coins under On-chain -> MakerDAO stats:
  • Our metrics tree now has a ‘Favorites’ tab, where you can store your most-liked indicators for easier access and navigation. You can find the 'Favorites' tab on top of the metric tree, above the 'Financial' category:

    To add a metric to Favorites, simply hover over its name and tick the 'star' icon as shown below:
  • Our Wallet Analysis tool has been revamped, and now provides a full breakdown of any wallet’s current ERC-20 portfolio, its token distribution and total balance in USD.

    For quick access to our Wallet Analysis tool, simply paste any Ethereum-based address in the search bar:

We continue to add new features and metrics to our Screener! The latest additions include Network Realized Profit/Loss and Whale Transaction count, both of which can be found in the right-side menu:

  • Finally, you can now write custom notes for all addresses in your watchlist!

    To add an address to a watchlist, copy any Ethereum-based address in the search bar -> Create alert -> Add to watchlist:

These and many other updates are already live on Sanbase - check them out and let us know what you think!

Thanks for reading!

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