Tron FUD presents nice profit opportunity

Earlier this week, Tron founder Justin Sun abruptly announced that he will have to postpone the lunch date with Warren Buffet (scheduled for 25th July) to a later date due to him falling ill with kidney stones.

This comes as rather coincidental for some as the lunch date is just a few days away.

Soon after news of this broke, Tron's price also took a hit. Going from $0.028 USD to $0.022 USD the following day. The dip is also likely aided by rumours that Sun is actually under investigation from the Chinese government and that he's barred from leaving China. Lending some truth to this rumour are notable Chinese finance news websites confirming that Sun is under investigation.

Sun went on Weibo to deny the reports, assured the public that he was fine and will be appearing in public once he's fine.

Crowd's reactions

  • Anyway, I was saying that I don't believe in the kidney illness story, obviously. Just a cover up
  • lost all my TRX profits to a kidney stone, why couldnt TA predict this??
  • Why binance defends Justin so much
  • The game is over for Tron
  • If you bought TRX during the FUD you are a wise trader
  • Tron down 20%. Countdown until it’s revealed as a scam
  • What's all this news about Justin Sun being under investigation and that he cannot leave china?

Eventually, Sun went on to have a live Periscope video to prove that he's indeed not in China but in San Francisco with his team.

All this FUD attempt has proven to be a good opportunity for those in the know, especially those in the Eastern community before such rumours spill unto those in the Western community. Not surprised if some shorted TRX before the plunge and longed just before Sun cleared the FUD.

Question still remains, when's the new lunch date Sun?

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