To APE or not to APE?

The ApeCoin did a nice 2x run from the recent bottom.

Is it able to keep up the pace?

1. There is a number of bearish divergencies evolving in onchain metrics:

Between price and DAA:

Source: Sanbase

Between price and network growth:

Source: Sanbase

And whale transactions count also suggesting the local top is probably done:

Source: Sanbase

Why do we read it like this?
It's like a fuel for the rally is over. A healthy trend is built on higher highs both in price and onchain activity.
A case with whale transactions was backtested by Santiment earlier. Long story short: a spike in WTC often indicates a price top.

2. Wealthy APE holders are declining:

Source: Sanbase

Though the decline starts with APE staking release in December.

3. Machibigbrother, a smart holder with a nice track record keeps destaking and selling his APE chunk by chunk:

Source: Zerion

4. We might also want to observe the APE staking contract balance itself:

Source: Sanbase

Though it's relatively new, it's strong balance change might indicate something when it happens. Not yet.



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