SanBase Updates: Desktop and Mobile Enhancements, API Improvements, Screener Auto-Save, and More

We are excited to bring you the latest updates designed to elevate your crypto analysis experience and streamline your workflow.

Here’s what’s new this month

Desktop Charts Enhancement 📈
Save time and streamline your analysis! Quickly hide or display metrics with a simple ALT-click, making your charts cleaner and more focused.

Social Context Improvement
Ensure everyone is on the same page! Share the precise, context-rich analysis with links that include your selected FROM date, reducing misunderstandings and enhancing collaboration.

Improved Historical Crypto trends
The SocialFi and ETF indicators are now even more precise, helping you identify and understand significant medium-term shifts in the crypto landscape, from global events to price movements.

Mobile Charts Enhancements
Easily navigate through your charts on the go!

    • We have introduced a dedicated Charts Explorer page for a more organized browsing experience.
    • A new dialog displays base layout information, making it easier to understand and utilize chart data.
    • Enjoy a fullscreen view of charts for detailed analysis on mobile devices.

API 🔑 Enhancements
Manage your projects with ease! Generate up to 10 API keys🔑, giving you the flexibility to secure and control access for different applications

Auto-saving for Screener and Watchlist
Keep your data organized just the way you like it! With auto-saving features, your preferred data arrangement is always maintained.

    • Auto-saving of opened infographics on Screener and Watchlists ensures your important data visuals are always preserved.
    • Sorted columns on the Screener are now auto-saved, so your preferred data organization is maintained.
    • Selected column layouts on Screener/Watchlists are also auto-saved for consistent and efficient data monitoring.

Ecosystem Development Activity Dashboard
Dive into our new Development Activity Dashboard for a unique perspective on blockchain ecosystems' development activities.

Keen to know more? We got you! There is an article by Santiment team 🙌
A Different Look into Blockchain Ecosystem Development Activity

Explore New Tokens

  • Ethereum Mainnet: GALA, MOG, REALM, REZ, SAFE, YOURAI, ZENT.
  • Others: BB, DRIFT, FRIEND.

Bug Fixes

  • Account Settings
    The issue causing the reset API limit button to freeze has been fixed;
  • Profile Page
    The correct number of entities is now displayed in the left sidebar, providing accurate information at a glance.

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