QNT breaking resistance. Holding or not?

Quant, the interoperability protocol, is on the run last weeks, +50% since September 7th.

Price has broken resistance on a nicely growing onchain activity, active addresses:

Trading volume, social volume and network growth are also supporting this run, no divergence with price:

And if we look at holders distribution, we might notice that retails holders seem to be the ones buying QNT:

A larger group of holders, QNT millionaires, holding from up to $1M worth of Quant, doing opposite, they are offloading:

So, if 'smart money' are exiting on a strong uptrend, then it's probably either not that 'smart money' or not that strong uptrend. Your bet?

Charts: https://app.santiment.net/s/hYt9Lsro

P.S. "QNT" has just reached #1 in top trending words. It means that QNT is in real danger (proof). Shall never underestimate the smart money.

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