Numeraire: Bottom or No-Mans Land?

NMR has gone through some crazy instapumps that came out of nowhere this year. This coin is known for this feature though.

The recent bottom was accompanied by a YUGE spike in coins transacted that lay dormant for at least a year.

The large yellow spike is our signal

When we look back one year from the spike we see that back in December/November 2019 Numeraire had also just gone through a nice pump. Back then it was likely speculators selling to break even. This year it might be speculators selling for a profit.

If history repeats itself NMR might dump further to reflect its global irrelevance in the innovation sphere of die crypto industry. But given recent BTC ATHs and stomp of retail crowds dawing closer, NMR might just relive its 2017 rodeo. New ATHs are not expected.

I mean: look at the chart. If you are a newbie all you see is a Glass Ceiling.

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