Network Profit/Loss Looking Safest it Has in a While for Major Assets

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Mar 4, 2021

Network Realized Profit or Loss (NPL) calculates the overall ROI across all daily transactions for a crypto asset. Generally, spikes are what we look to avoid, as it implies increased chances of local tops and short-term price normalization.

So are we seeing major spikes to be worried about? Here's how NPL currently looks for some of crypto's biggest names:


Bitcoin hit its lowest NPL of the month yesterday, and is well below its 30d and 200d trendlines. A great sign that an imminent local top isn't approaching.


ETH is more neutral than BTC, sitting right between its 30d and 200d trendlines.


Chainlink is at a low for the month in NPL, and this coincides with a major address activity spike. Could be good here.


LTC's NPL is below the 30d and 200d trendlines and has been sitting encouragingly low for about 2 straight weeks now.

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Mar 4, 2021

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Amir Kachlon

6 months ago

Thanks for sharing. Im not sure I followed you though, can you share more of the realationship of the 3 measures (nlp, nlp ma(30), nlp ma(200) ? the last example was not clear either.