Hacks, hacks, hacks

When a coin you hold puts out a tweet like that, it's never a good sign. Panic creeps in, you start getting doubts (especially having experience multiple blowups of projects before), maybe it's just better to sell and wait it out? Looks like many $UNIBOT holders felt those kind of feelings in the recent days.

If you check onchain data, there was a very clear capitulation event on Oct 31st. There are rarely such clear and explosive breakdowns, followed up by terrible sentiment, that was the one for the books.

Huge spike in age consumed, indicating old coins moving
Spike in active addresses
Largest spike in transaction volume by far

If you read any UNIBOT-related threads on Twitter that day, there was no doubt that it's truly over - the trust is lost, recovery is not possible, best is to just sell and move on. That's usually the best time to get in.

Big spike in social volume, sentiment went down a lot

Since then, the bug has been patched, team put out some reassuring statements, and with the recent surge in memecoins, telegram trading bots might be in for a comeback after a period of poor performance lately.

Data used for this insight can be found here.

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