Ethereum Analysis - Can We Shoot Straight to $3,000 & Beyond?

Ethereum's run over the past three weeks can now be classified as nothing short of staggering. The #2 asset has now jumped 58% in this brief (even for crypto) timeframe.

Getting right to the point in our latest Pulse insight, here are a few bullish and bearish cases on whether history can continue being made in April.

Bullish Cases:

Address activity shows a clear and beautiful rise in the past year.

The average age of invested dollars in Ethereum clearly indicates new money has come in and dormant investments are moving.

"Meh" Cases:

Volume hasn't shown amazing ascension during this historic run.

Development activity rates, similarly, isn't really showing overwhelming growth signs. Github submissions are still significantly higher than Ethereum's 2015 debut, though.

Bearish Cases:

Average 30-day trader returns are becoming sky-high again, generally a toppish sign.

Ethereum's continually rising gas fees may eventually stifle the amount of utility and transactions users ideally want to make.

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