Cloud Computing

currently in first place in the group of cloud solutions

Internet computer on blockchain as the next step of mass adoption. A few words about ICP. Currently ranked 41st. The constant work of developers is noteworthy. iRLC already has a strong partnership. It is possible that the ICP team promised something and is trying to keep the term.

work 100% commitment

The project already has 81 useful solutions. DFI NFT wallets. Creating and trading identities using LEDGER as a U2F key.

The ICP coin looks dormant and without vigor. It is true that it has grown by 120% since the New Year and it seems that the bottom has already been reached, but it does not mean anything because it is not difficult to find such assets.TV - ICP


Some of the buzz that can be observed in the media seems to be generated by TWEETER entries and 633 thousand followers.

CoinGecko social
News generates noise

The computer Internet in the cloud attracts the extraordinary activity of programmers, but it does not look particularly attractive for trade. From its ATH, the declines stopped at around $4.Silence and lack of marketing and a high place for MC give a lot to think about. Fundamentally enjoys usability, Coin is traded in 72 pairs on the largest exchanges.

volume is slowly increasing

diagrams in the link:


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