Altcoins Heating Up - Which Ones Should You Have on Your Radar?

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Jun 29, 2021

One of our favorite metrics to keep an eye on as we analyze market health is active addresses vs. active deposits. When address activity is high and deposits are staying low, this is a good sign that prices can naturally grow.

As you would imagine, the numbers aren't just all in the ratio between these two metrics. We also want to see address activity in general moving up, even if that means deposits are moving up along with it. Here's a look at 3 great, as well as 3 not so great, candidates:

Looking Healthy:

Ethereum ($ETH)

The Graph ($GRT)

Sentivate ($SNTVT)

Looking Unhealthy:

Loopring ($LRC)

Crypto-Com ($CRO)

Skale ($SKL)

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Jun 29, 2021

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