ZRX recent spike analysis

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Garry Kabankin
Oct 16, 2019

A few hours ago ZRX left Santiment's emerging trends

A nice occasion to have an overview of recent social and basic onchain activity of this good old 'DEX powering' token.

ZRX is well known as famously following some patterns.

Token present in emerging words is topped.

It's clearly seen on the picture above.

Red dots are plotted when ZRX shows up in emerging trends.

Ox nicely follows a general rule here - sell when crowd is talking too much about the token.

It can also be seen on the left part of the same chart, when ZRX appeared in emerging words on local top:

Increased Social Dominance comes shortly before the top

Social Dominance metric shows how many buzz volume this token takes from all over social chatter.

Can be explained as a level of magnitude of this coin for traders.

More talks - more interest.

How is it connected with social volume?

Usually directly.

More confidence when both spike.

Increased Social Volume is observed before the top

The same time frame on chart above.

Social volume is like a fuel to pump social dominance.

Need more confidence?

We have one.

Anomalies in Social Volume anticipate extremums

Red dots stick to bars and lines when "Anomalies" selector on chart is switched on.

It shows that the metrics behaviour is unusual.

Works like a flag - "attention here! something's going on"

Anomalies in ZRX social volume predicted tops nicely.

Increased Daily Active Addresses come shortly before the top

Daily Active Addresses indicate the daily level of crowd interaction (or speculation) with a token.

Notice 'anomalies' pimps on DAA bars?


These were few typical well known points when analyzing behaviour of such tokens as ZRX, BAT and GNT.

I created this public signal on ZRX DAA not to miss next 0x price action.

Would you like to follow it?

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Garry Kabankin
Oct 16, 2019

Thanks for reading!

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