Yearn The Sleeping Giant

YFI has been an interesting DeFi token to watch over the last Quarter. During December of 2022 the amount of active YFI addresses reached it's highest peak - from then till now with many price swing fluctuations, at that time YFI averaged in at $5100 USD which is the lowest price ever recorded since it's launch.

Since the highest peak of active addresses, the sleeping giant has since become less volatile overall, but during the January momentum of the market, yearn (YFI) moved slightly below anticipated performance levels with many whales holding still.


Yearn finance has been interesting to watch having only a supply of 36,000 YFI, the tokenomics is beyond the relevance of this insight, but provides simple metrics on understanding how a token may perform on market sentiment.

Yearn active addresses overtime

Although the amount of active addresses have decreased overtime, the amount of trade volume and interest in yearn has remained relatively the same. Many DeFi protocols are waiting on the regulation language across the world to understand how decentralized finance can proceed to move forward with structure. The innovation behind digital currencies really depends on the underwriting in individual jurisdictions around the world.

Andre Cronje recently wrote an article describing that "DeFi is fine the way it is" hence besides the regulation aspects of it, this doesn't mean to want regulation, but simply knowing that it's needed in order for the industry to grow and be taken serious in regards to the next generation of finance.

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