XRP is waiting for a good climate?

Controversies and lots of confusion. Things involving big money and top players. There are no developer innovation events on the XRP chain looks like a finished project. the work graph looks like adding more patches without significant modifications


Price shocks are the result of the climate around the project dictated by juicy headlines in the most important media, apart from two bull markets. It takes powerful influence to be the hero of the day so often for so long. Jed McCaleb and the SEC cross border payments huge transfers and banks are real milestones to the top award Central Bank Digital Currency

media hype

The price does not look natural, it is artificially regulated by large transactions.There is no place for spontaneous healthy plays, news and big money, which the street has no influence on

100 k and 1 m

There are millionaires when sentiment is at its lowest, and what's interesting is that the trend is up,


The bull markets have been used in a model way now the coins are sleeping reaching ATH. If this pattern were to repeat itself, you can blindly enter the alts. Transition from wakefulness to about 4 months.


there will be no price fireworks because the concept assumes a large capitalization, a stable price and strong but not frequent breakouts, just like big fish like.Projects such as xrp show how serious players are in the crypto market.


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