Why is OAX following EVX?

A duet of "...X" projects, EVX and OAX had a similar price pump action on Sunday.

EVX did around 50% up and OAX lazy followed him candle by candle doing +25% up.

Have a look at what this couple is doing:

Both culminated together

It's not the first time they perform similarly.

There was even a higher duet culmination in March 2019:

March top with much higher volume then yesterday

Are there any other patterns common for both EVX and OAX that might help to understand this duet performance?

  1. Percent of total supply on exchanges dropped significantly for both on July 7th:
EVX from 36% to 5%
OAX from 52% to 34%

2. Token Age Consumed spiked at the same day on July 7th. As a close bottom indicator?

3. Social volume. Similar patterns of course.

The Daily Active Addresses are on the other hand. Yesterday's OAX's price action had been relatively weak, so that it's not reflected on DAA chart at all. Unlike for EVX:

No news, no twitter posts - nothing preceded recent pump.

Digging into the chatter:

Quite an excitement, isn't it?

Last observation on the topic:

Only Telegram and Reddit users are talking about EVX and OAX similar price action.
Other social channels don't care or don't catch it.

Thanks for reading!

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