What BTC and crypto might be building for the very long term

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Jul 19, 2018

Looking back into the past we can see few interesting observations regarding the price movements in the crypto.

We will look into the BTC price. It has dominated in the first phase and also has reflected quite nicely the crypto movement in the last bull run

BTC wave 1. From Genesis to 1200
BTC wave 3. From the recovery low to 20.000 USD

The price expectations for the final top before long and nasty correction could come somewhere between 25 kUSD and 50 kUSD

if we get there - mass psychosis is expected. Institutional money will flow "en mass", the sayings like "crypto is the new way of money and solving the humanity problem" are expected. Also projections of 100 kUSD and above will probably be common.

Don't get caught into it. The top which will be build will last for 2-5 years and the correction will be as low as the prices we are experiencing now.

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Jul 19, 2018

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